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The Faraday Institute International Advisory Board

The Faraday Institute International Advisory Board reviews the activities of the Institute, providing external expertise and resources for the assessment and development of new projects. See a full list of the Faraday Institute International Advisory Board.

Dr Denis Alexander


Denis Alexander is the Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion,St Edmund's College, Cambridge, where he is

Denis Alexander is the Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion,St Edmund's College, Cambridge, where he is a Fellow. Dr Alexander was previously Chairman of the Molecular Immunology Programme and Head of theLaboratory of Lymphocyte Signalling and Development at The Babraham Institute, Cambridge. Prior to that he was at the Imperial Cancer Research Laboratories in London (now Cancer Research UK), and spent 15 years developing university departments and laboratories overseas, latterly as Associate Professor of Biochemistry in the Medical Faculty of the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. There he helped to establish the National Unit of Human Genetics.

He was initially an Open Scholar at Oxford reading Biochemistry, before obtaining a PhD in Neurochemistry at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.

Dr Alexander writes, lectures and broadcasts widely in the field of science and religion. From 1992-2013 he was Editor of the journal Science & Christian Belief, and currently serves as a member of the executive committee of the International Society for Science and Religion. He gave the Gifford Lectures at St. Andrews University in 2012 and these are due to be published by CUP this month under the title 'Genes, Determinism and God'.

Recent selected publications in science and religion

  • Alexander, D. R. (2001) 'Rebuilding the Matrix - Science and Faith in the 21st Century', Oxford: Lion Publishing, hb 512 pp. pb edn 2002. US hb edn 2003; French edn 2004; Turkish edn 2010; Chinese edn 2013.
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  • Alexander, D.R. (2008, 2nd edn 2014) 'Creation or Evolution - Do We Have to Choose?', Oxford: Monarch.
  • Alexander, D.R.and Numbers, R.L. (eds) (2010) 'Biology and Ideology from Descartes to Dawkins' University of Chicago Press.
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  • Alexander, D.R. (2013) 'L'age d'Adam: deux modeles pour le dialogue entre la Genese at la Science', in Adam qui es-tu? (Lydia Jaeger, ed), Paris: Editions-Excelsis, pp. 111-128.
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  • Whiteway E. and Alexander, D.R. (2015) 'Understanding the Causes of Same-Sex Attraction', Science and Christian Belief, 27:17-40.

Recent selected science publications

  • Ogilvy, S., Louis-Dit-Sully, C., Cassady, R.L., Alexander, D.R. and Holmes, N. (2003) J.Immunol. 171:1792-1800. 'Either of the CD45RB and CD45R0 isoforms are effective in restoring T cell, but not B cell, development and function in CD45-null mice'.
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