Prof. Sir John Houghton CBE FRS

Sir John Houghton is currently Honorary Scientist of the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research at the Meteorological Office; Honorary Scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; a Trustee of the Shell Foundation; and Chairman of the John Ray Initiative. Previously Sir John was a Member of the UK Government Panel on Sustainable Development (1994-2000); Chairman, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (1992-98); Chairman or Co-Chairman, Scientific Assessment Working Group, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (1988-2002); Director General (later Chief Executive), UK Meteorological Office (1983-91); Director Appleton, Science and Engineering Research Council (also Deputy Director, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), (1979-83); and Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Oxford University (1976-83). During the 1970’s Sir John was also Principal Investigator for Space Experiments on NASA Spacecraft.

Sir John has received numerous honours and awards, most recently the prestigious Japan Prize (2006), and amongst others, the Glazebrook Medal (Institute of Physics, 1990); the Bakerian Prize Lecture of the Royal Society, 1991; the Climate Institute Annual Award (1992); the Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal (1995); and has received Honorary Doctorates of Science from the Universities of Wales (1991), Stirling (1992),East Anglia (1993), Leeds (1995), Heriot-Watt (1996), Greenwich (1997), Glamorgan (1998), Reading (1999), Birmingham (2000), Gloucestershire (2001) and Hull (2002).

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