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The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an academic research enterprise based at in Cambridge. The Institute has four main activities:

  1. Scholarly research and publication on science and religion, including the organisation of invited groups of experts to write joint publications.
  2. To provide short-term courses in science and religion.
  3. To organise seminars and lectures on science and religion.
  4. To provide accurate information on science and religion for the international media and wider public.

The Faraday Institute has a Christian ethos, but encourages engagement with a wide diversity of opinions concerning interactions between science and religion, without engaging in advocacy. It aims to provide accurate information in order to facilitate informed debate.

Faraday Associates

A group of scholars linked informally to a cohort of Faraday Associates, based mainly within the scientific community, who are actively involved in science-religion interactions through publishing and lecturing.

Michael Faraday

The Faraday Institute derives its name from Michael Faraday, one of Britain's best-known scientists, who saw his faith as integral to his scientific research. The logo of the Institute is based on Faraday's discoveries.

Financial support

The Faraday Institute is grateful to the following agencies for financial support: Cambridge University 800th Birthday Fund; Sir Halley Stewart Trust; Hinchley Charitable Trust; Hockerill Foundation; John Ray Initiative; John Templeton Foundation.; Jubilee Centre; Kirby-Laing Trust; Kuhn Foundation; Panacea Society; Sciteb Ltd; Stark-Roberts Foundation; Tyndale House.