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Lecture archive

Multimedia resources from past lectures.

Humphreys FRS, ColinCan Scientists Believe in Miracles?Lecture2 March 2004
Houghton, JohnGlobal Warming: The Science, the Impacts & the politicsLecture25 May 2001
Prance, GhilleanPreserving Biodiversity: Is there a Biblical reason?Lecture25 April 2002
Rolston, HolmesCaring for Nature: From Fact to Value, from Respect to ReverenceLecture9 March 2004
Martin, DavidDoes the Advance of Science mean Secularisation?Lecture3 November 2005
McGrath, AlisterHas Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life.Lecture4 November 2004
Trigg, RogerDo Science and Religion need each other?Lecture8 May 2003
Brooke, John HedleyDarwinism and Religion: A Revisionist View of the Wilberforce-Huxley Debate.Lecture26 February 2001
Briggs, AndrewNanotechnology - Grey goo or Great God?Lecture10 March 2005
Jones, GarethPlaying GodLecture22 June 2004
Harrison, PeterThe Bible and the Emergence of Modern ScienceLecture24 May 2005
Lucas, ErnestScience and the Bible: Are they incompatible? The creation story as a test case.Lecture13 May 2004
Jeeves, MalcolmPsychology and Christianity: The view both waysLecture28 November 2000
Murphy, NanceyThe Problem of Mental Causation: How does reason get its grip on the brain?Lecture8 November 2001
Sacks, JonathanPower and Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st Century.Lecture25 November 2003
Wilkinson, DavidHawking, Dawkins and the MatrixLecture23 October 2002
Gingerich, OwenTruth in Science: Proof, Persuasion and the Galileo AffairLecture13 March 2003
Polkinghorne, JohnHas Science made Religion redundant?Lecture12 February 2002
Gabrielse, GeraldGod of AntimatterLecture2 March 2006
Numbers, RonaldMyths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical PerspectiveLecture11 May 2006
Finlay, GraemeHuman Genetics and the Image of GodLecture7 November 2006
Hurlbut, William / Heap, BrianStem Cells - Playing God Again?Lecture6 March 2007
Wright, TomCan a Scientist Believe the Resurrection?Lecture15 May 2007
Ellis, George F. R.The Multiverse, Ultimate Causation and GodLecture6 November 2007
Wyatt, JohnWhat is a person? Matters of life and deathLecture21 February 2008
Coakley, SarahGod, Providence, and the Evolutionary Phenomenon of CooperationLecture18 November 2008
Ward, KeithGod, Science and the New AtheismLecture27 January 2009
Miller, KennethGod, Darwin and DesignLecture28 April 2009
Harrison, PeterReligious Influences in the Founding of the Royal SocietyLecture4 February 2010
Newsome, BillGod, Mind and BrainLecture27 April 2010
Picard, RosalindPlaying God? Towards machines that deny their makerLecture2 November 2010
Williams, Rowan / Eagleton, TerryResponses to the New Atheism: A Public DiscussionLecture19 November 2010
Picard, RosalindPlaying God? Towards machines that deny their maker (with subtitles)Lecture2 November 2010
Wiseman, JenniferExoplanets, Life and Human SignificanceLecture1 March 2011
McKibben, BillFaith in a Sustainable FutureLecture28 September 2011
Lahti, DavidThe Evolution of MoralityLecture15 November 2011
Moltmann, JurgenFrom Physics to Theology: A Personal StoryLecture14 February 2012
Nowak, MartinThe Evolution of CooperationLecture28 May 2012
Sober, ElliottNaturalism and Evolutionary TheoryLecture24 May 2012
Hutchinson, IanScientism: how much faith should we put in scienceLecture15 October 2012
Polkinghorne, JohnBeing a Christian in science - Lessons from a Long JourneyLecture19 November 2012
Robinson, PeterMachines in the Image of GodLecture7 March 2013
Alexander, DenisGenes, Determinism and GodLecture6 June 2013
Harrison, PeterBiology and Worldviews: From Natural Theology to the Evolutionary EpicLecture20 September 2013
Freeland, StephenWill life on other planets share our genetic code?Lecture21 November 2013
Halvorson, HansDoes the Universe need God?Lecture29 January 2014
Lucas, ErnestThe Bible, Science and CreationLecture28 May 2014
McGrath, AlisterDarwin, Dawkins and the Divine: Why is biology at the heart of the New Atheism?Lecture19 September 2014
Barrett, JustinAre People Born to Believe?Lecture21 October 2014
Harrison, GlynnIdentity, Self-Esteem and the Image of GodLecture13 January 2015
Dajani, RanaIslam and Evolution: Is there a controversy?Lecture19 February 2015
Cowburn FRS, RussellThe God of Small Things: Nanotechnology, Creation and GodLecture7 May 2015
Pollmann, KarlaHow did Augustine's thought shape a Scientific Worldview?Lecture6 October 2015
Tracey, IreneImaging Belief States in Pain and ReligionLecture27 November 2015
Finlay, GraemeHuman Genetics and the Image of GodLecture8 September 2016
Howard Ecklund, ElaineDo Scientist Believe In God? Results from an Eight-Nation StudyLecture17 November 2016
Trigg, RogerScience and Christianity: Conflict or Cooperation?Lecture2 March 2017
Schaefer, Henry F.Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?Lecture9 October 2017
Puttock, EleanorHow do we make sense of the world in times of adversity?Lecture14 March 2018
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the Reliability of the BibleLecture16 May 2018
Robinson, Peter / Wyatt, JohnGod, Artificial Intelligence and HumansLecture15 February 2018
Williams, RowanHuman Identity in a Scientific WorldLecture2 November 2018
Wilkinson, DavidExoplanets, Aliens and GodLecture14 February 2019
Wilkinson, DavidExoplanets, Aliens and GodLecture14 February 2019
Hayhoe, KatharineChristians, Climate and our CultureLecture15 May 2019
Pritchard, MattGetting Practical: Using Science Demonstrations to Good EffectLecture3 July 2019
Kimber, SusanThe Changing Face of Medicine: Stem Cells for Future Medicine - Scientific Advances and a Christian ResponseLecture24 October 2019