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Multimedia resources from Faraday lectures, courses, discussions and research seminars.

Please note that the views expressed are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of The Faraday Institute

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Humphreys FRS, ColinCan Scientists Believe in Miracles?Lecture2 March 2004
Humphreys FRS, ColinCan Scientists Believe in Miracles? - DiscussionDiscussion2 March 2004
Houghton, JohnGlobal Warming: The Science, the Impacts & the politicsLecture25 May 2001
Prance, GhilleanPreserving Biodiversity: Is there a Biblical reason?Lecture25 April 2002
Rolston, HolmesCaring for Nature: From Fact to Value, from Respect to ReverenceLecture9 March 2004
Rolston, HolmesCaring for Nature: From Fact to Value, from Respect to Reverence - DiscussionDiscussion9 March 2004
Polkinghorne, JohnHow does God interact with the World?Seminar31 January 2006
Heap, BrianConsumption and Well-Being: Christian Values and SustainabilitySeminar14 March 2006
Clayton, PhilipConcepts of Emergence in Science and ReligionSeminar14 February 2006
Russell (deceased), ColinScience and Faith in the Life of Michael FaradaySeminar28 February 2006
Houghton, JohnGlobal Warming: The Science, the Impacts & the politics - DiscussionDiscussion25 May 2001
Prance, GhilleanPreserving Biodiversity: Is there a Biblical reason? - DiscussionDiscussion25 April 2002
Martin, DavidDoes the Advance of Science mean Secularisation?Lecture3 November 2005
Martin, DavidDoes the Advance of Science Mean Secularisation? - DiscussionDiscussion3 November 2005
McGrath, AlisterHas Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life.Lecture4 November 2004
McGrath, AlisterHas Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life - DiscussionDiscussion9 November 2004
Trigg, RogerDo Science and Religion need each other?Lecture8 May 2003
Trigg, RogerDo Science and Religion need each other? - DiscussionDiscussion8 May 2003
Brooke, John HedleyDarwinism and Religion: A Revisionist View of the Wilberforce-Huxley Debate.Lecture26 February 2001
Brooke, John HedleyDarwinism and Religion: A Revisionist View of the Wilberforce-Huxley Debate - DiscussionDiscussion26 February 2001
Briggs, AndrewNanotechnology - Grey goo or Great God?Lecture10 March 2005
Briggs, AndrewNanotechnology - Grey goo or Great God? DiscussionDiscussion10 March 2005
Jones, GarethPlaying GodLecture22 June 2004
Harrison, PeterThe Bible and the Emergence of Modern ScienceLecture24 May 2005
Harrison, PeterThe Bible and the Emergence of Modern Science - DiscussionDiscussion24 May 2004
Lucas, ErnestScience and the Bible: Are they incompatible? The creation story as a test case.Lecture13 May 2004
Lucas, ErnestScience and the Bible: Are they incompatible? The creation story as a test case - DiscussionDiscussion13 May 2004
Jeeves, MalcolmPsychology and Christianity: The view both waysLecture28 November 2000
Jeeves, MalcolmPsychology and Christianity: the view both ways - DiscussionDiscussion28 November 2000
Murphy, NanceyThe Problem of Mental Causation: How does reason get its grip on the brain?Lecture8 November 2001
Murphy, NanceyThe Problem of Mental Casusation: How does reason gets it grip on the brain? DiscussionDiscussion8 November 2001
Sacks, JonathanPower and Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st Century.Lecture25 November 2003
Sacks, JonathanPower and Responsibilty: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st century - DiscussionDiscussion25 November 2003
Wilkinson, DavidHawking, Dawkins and the MatrixLecture23 October 2002
Wilkinson, DavidHawking, Dawkins and the Matrix - DiscussionDiscussion23 October 2002
Gingerich, OwenTruth in Science: Proof, Persuasion and the Galileo AffairLecture13 March 2003
Gingerich, OwenTruth in Science: Proof, Persuasion and the Galileo Affair - DiscussionDiscussion13 March 2003
Polkinghorne, JohnHas Science made Religion redundant?Lecture12 February 2002
Polkinghorne, JohnHas Science made Religion Redundant? DiscussionDiscussion12 February 2002
Gabrielse, GeraldGod of AntimatterLecture2 March 2006
Russell (deceased), ColinHistorical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 2Course8 April 2006
Berry (deceased), R.J.Evolution and Theology: Are They Connected?Course8 April 2006
Clifford, PaulaThe Environment and PovertyCourse9 April 2006
Russell (deceased), ColinHistorical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 1Course7 April 2006
Numbers, RonaldMyths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical PerspectiveLecture11 May 2006
Conway Morris FRS, SimonIf the evolution of intelligence is inevitable, what are the theological implications?Seminar30 May 2006
Northcott, MichaelA Moral Climate? Theological Perspectives on Climate ChangeSeminar2 May 2006
Cantor, GeoffreyThe Bible, the Creation and the Inner Light: Tensions within Quaker ScienceSeminar16 May 2006
Ellis, George F. R.Physics and the Real WorldCourse17 July 2006
Ellis, George F. R.A Critique of MultiversesCourse17 July 2006
Heap, BrianA Life in ScienceCourse17 July 2006
Holder, RodneyThe Search for Extra-Terrestrial LifeCourse17 July 2006
Lipton (deceased), PeterScience and Religion: Belief or Commitment?Seminar13 June 2006
Conway Morris FRS, SimonEvolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 1Course18 July 2006
Conway Morris FRS, SimonEvolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 2Course18 July 2006
Schloss, JeffThe "End" of Love: Evolutionary Psychology, Altruism, and Human FlourishingCourse18 July 2006
Schloss, JeffThe Evolution of Religion and the Religion of EvolutionCourse18 July 2006
Brown, WarrenReconciling Neuropsychology and TheologyCourse18 July 2006
Jones, GarethGenetics, plasticity and personhood: the Brain in the 21st CenturyCourse19 July 2006
Jones, GarethDoes Biological Enhancement of the Brain Affect our Status as Images of God?Course19 July 2006
Judge, StuartBrains and PersonsCourse19 July 2006
Alexander, DenisThe Historical Background to the Science-Religion DebateCourse20 July 2006
Clayton, PhilipExplanation in Science and ReligionCourse20 July 2006
Clayton, PhilipEmergenceCourse20 July 2006
Jaeger, LydiaThe Idea of Law in Science and ReligionCourse20 July 2006
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and MiraclesCourse20 July 2006
Perry, JoeGM crops and GM food - Do we need them?Course21 July 2006
Prance, GhilleanSustainability of the Non-Human WorldCourse21 July 2006
Lindberg, DavidThe Mediaeval Church Encounters the Classical Tradition: St Augustine and Roger BaconCourse24 July 2006
Lindberg, DavidThe Florentine Heretic? Galileo, the Church, and the CosmosCourse24 July 2006
Harrison, PeterThe Religious Origins of Modern ScienceCourse24 July 2006
Harrison, PeterThe Role of the Bible in the Emergence of Modern ScienceCourse24 July 2006
Roberts, MichaelFrom Darwin to ScopesCourse24 July 2006
McMullin (deceased), ErnanTheologies of NatureCourse25 July 2006
Trigg, RogerThe Rationality of ScienceCourse25 July 2006
Alexander, DenisTruth Telling in the Practice of ScienceCourse25 July 2006
Stenmark, MikaelThe Fallacy of Scientism as a WorldviewCourse25 July 2006
Trigg, RogerDoes Religious Belief Need Justification?Course25 July 2006
Stenmark, MikaelModels for Relating Science and ReligionCourse26 July 2006
Polkinghorne, JohnNatural TheologyCourse26 July 2006
Trigg, RogerScience, Faith and PostmodernismCourse26 July 2006
Polkinghorne, JohnDivine ActionCourse27 July 2006
Saunders, NicholasDivine Action in Modern ScienceCourse27 July 2006
Louis, ArdThe Origin of LifeCourse27 July 2006
Judge, StuartDivine Action and the BrainCourse27 July 2006
Chattopadhyay, SubrataAn Eastern Perspective on Science, Religion and EvilCourse28 July 2006
Hodson, MargotHuman Responsibility for the Environment in a Fallen WorldCourse28 July 2006
Polkinghorne, JohnCreation, Evil and TimeCourse28 July 2006
Gummer, JohnHow Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances?Course22 September 2006
Burke, DerekEthical Issues in Public PolicyCourse24 September 2006
Cook, DavidBioethics in the Media and Public PolicyCourse24 September 2006
Moore, PeteEthical Issues in the Public MindCourse24 September 2006
Moore, PeteEthical Issues Raised by ScienceCourse23 September 2006
Cook, DavidScience, Faith and the Moral MazeCourse23 September 2006
Redfern, MartinScience and Religion on the RadioCourse23 September 2006
Brooks, MichaelScience and Religion in Science JournalismCourse23 September 2006
Houghton, JohnGlobal Warming and Society's ResponseCourse23 September 2006
Trigg, RogerScience and Religion in the Public DomainSeminar17 October 2006
Barker, RogerEthical and Theological Considerations in the use of Stem Cells in Brain RepairSeminar31 October 2006
Bryant, JohnScience and Religion: An OverviewCourse7 November 2006
Humphreys FRS, ColinAstronomy and the date of the CrucifixionCourse8 November 2006
Newsome, BillFaith in an Age of Science: The Challenge of the NeurosciencesCourse9 November 2006
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Universe in a Trinitarian PerspectiveCourse9 November 2006
Rudwick, MartinDemythologising the Historical 'Conflict' between Geology and GenesisSeminar14 November 2006
Sivasundaram, SujitWilliam Carey and the Serampore College: Science and Religion in 19th Century IndiaSeminar28 November 2006
Finlay, GraemeGenesis and PhylogenesisCourse8 November 2006
Finlay, GraemeHuman Genetics and the Image of GodLecture7 November 2006
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Anthropic PrincipleCourse7 January 2007
Mitton, SimonA history of cosmologies and their religious contextsSeminar30 January 2007
Polkinghorne, JohnModels for Relating Science and ReligionCourse6 January 2007
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the question of miraclesCourse7 January 2007
Drossel, BarbaraComplexity, emergence and GodSeminar27 February 2007
Hurlbut, William / Heap, BrianStem Cells - Playing God Again?Lecture6 March 2007
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the dating of the Easter week eventsSeminar13 March 2007
Poon, WilsonScience and the hiddenness of GodSeminar13 February 2007
Brooke, John HedleyHistorical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 1Course5 January 2007
McGrath, AlisterHas Science Eliminated God? An Engagement with Richard Dawkins' Views on Science and ReligionCourse6 January 2007
Brooke, John HedleyHistorical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 2Course6 January 2007
Alexander, DenisDoes Evolution have any Religious Significance?Course6 January 2007
Alexander, DenisTranscending Dawkins' God: Renewing the Interface between Science and FaithCourse30 March 2007
Bryant, JohnCreationism and Intelligent DesignCourse31 March 2007
McGrath, AlisterA Scientific Theology? Parallels and Convergences in Science and ReligionCourse6 January 2007
Pilbrow, JohnThe Impact of Einstein's Relativity on Christian ThoughtCourse31 March 2007
van Wyhe, JohnDarwin's Loss of FaithSeminar24 April 2007
Taylor, JohnThe Truth about Truth: Realism and Relativism. A Workshop in Exploring Philosophical Ideas in the ClassroomCourse31 March 2007
Pilbrow, JohnHow Does God Act in the World? A Critique of Models of Divine ActionCourse1 April 2007
Ramachandra, VinothThe Science and Theology of Natural DisastersCourse1 April 2007
White FRS, BobWhy care for the environment?Course1 April 2007
Hoskin, MichaelNewton and GodSeminar8 May 2007
White FRS, BobThe Challenge of Global Climate ChangeCourse20 May 2007
Polkinghorne, JohnWhy is Physics Possible?Course18 May 2007
Wright, TomCan a Scientist Believe the Resurrection?Lecture15 May 2007
Berry (deceased), R.J.God - Incompetent, Impotent, Interfering or What?Course28 July 2006
Isham, Chris / Polkinghorne, JohnDialogue: Can God Know the Future? Reflections on the Block UniverseCourse19 May 2007
Polkinghorne, JohnQuantum Theory, Critical Realism and Religious BeliefCourse19 May 2007
Isham, ChrisQuantum Theory and BeingCourse19 May 2007
Nienhuis, GerardInterpretations of Quantum Theory and Their Implications for TheologyCourse19 May 2007
Briggs, AndrewAnd Information Has Become PhysicalCourse19 May 2007
Page, DonQuantum Cosmology and Its Implications for TheologyCourse20 May 2007
Bussey, PeterPhysical Infinities - A Substitute for GodCourse20 May 2007
Priest, EricScience, Religion and Creativity: A Personal ViewSeminar5 June 2007
Padgett, AlanA Mutuality Model for Science and ReligionCourse21 July 2007
Trigg, RogerThe Rationality of ScienceCourse21 July 2007
Trigg, RogerThe Rationality of ReligionCourse21 July 2007
Padgett, AlanThe Role of God in Modern Science: Models for Relating Science and ReligionCourse21 July 2007
Wilkinson, DavidThe Search for Extra-Terrestrial IntelligenceCourse22 July 2007
Harrison, PeterThe Fall of Man and the Foundations of ScienceCourse22 July 2007
Alexander, DenisIs God a Virus?Course23 July 2007
DeWitt, CalvinThe Science and Ethics of Caring for the EnvironmentCourse25 July 2007
Richmond, PatrickIs God Complex?Course23 July 2007
McMullin (deceased), ErnanWas Galileo Guilty?Course28 July 2007
Cook, DavidWhat are the ethical implications implied by the Imago Dei doctrine?Course24 July 2007
Alexander, Denis / Conway Morris FRS, Simon / Collins, Francis / Ruse, Michael / Numbers, RonaldGod and Biology Panel discussion.Course15 September 2007
Hulme, MikeThree Meanings of Climate Change: presaging Apocalypse, constructing Babel, lamenting EdenSeminar31 October 2007
Livingstone, DavidEvolutionary Theory and Public Spectacle: The Fortunes of Darwinism in the Calvinist Cultures of Victorian Calvinist Edinburgh and Belfast.Seminar16 October 2007
Cook, DavidDoes Religion Block Scientific Advance?Course23 July 2007
Miller, KennethChance, Necessity and EvolutionCourse31 July 2007
Harrison, PeterThe Doctrine of the Fall and the Epistemological Foundations of Modern ScienceSeminar13 November 2007
Ruse, MichaelCan a Christian be a Darwinian?Course14 September 2007
McLeish, TomValues and Science - What is Science For?Seminar27 November 2007
Numbers, RonaldWhy is Creationism so popular in the USA?Course15 September 2007
Ellis, George F. R.The Multiverse, Ultimate Causation and GodLecture6 November 2007
Collins, FrancisThe Language of God: A Believer looks at the Human GenomeCourse15 September 2007
Conway Morris FRS, SimonIs Biological Evolution Inevitable?Course15 September 2007
Collins, FrancisBioethical Challenges in the Genome EraCourse15 September 2007
Lucas, ErnestGenesis and EvolutionCourse16 September 2007
Schloss, JeffCan Biology Explain Religion?Course16 September 2007
Brooke, John HedleyShould the word 'Nature' be eliminated? A Historical SurveySeminar22 January 2008
Conway Morris FRS, SimonThe Cambrian ExplosionCourse15 September 2007
Schloss, JeffEvolutionary evil and a good creation?Course16 September 2007
Heap, BrianBeing a Christian in ScienceCourse6 November 2007
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Future of the Science-Religion DebateSeminar5 February 2008
White FRS, BobGlobal Warming: How should the churches respond?Course7 November 2007
Wenham, GordonMaking Sense of Genesis 1-11Course7 November 2007
Wood, JohnEthical Aspects of Science PolicySeminar19 February 2008
Chapman, AllanWhy do scientific writers sometimes react irrationally when faced with religion? An historical survey from the Reformation to ReductionismCourse8 November 2007
Wyatt, JohnWhat is a person? Matters of life and deathLecture21 February 2008
Bryant, JohnGenes - Makeup, Manipulation and MovementCourse8 November 2007
Bryant, JohnThe Ethics of Stem Cell Research and CloningCourse8 November 2007
McGrath, AlisterBiology, the Anthropic Principle and Natural TheologySeminar4 March 2008
Houghton, JohnBig Science - Big GodCourse4 January 2008
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the Star of BethlehemCourse6 January 2008
Trigg, RogerCan Religion be as Rational as Science?Course5 January 2008
Polkinghorne, JohnCan a Scientist Pray?Course6 January 2008
Rampelt, Jason MSir Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882 - 1944): Relativity and DogmaCourse28 July 2007
Louis, ArdEvolution and Fine-tuning in Biological ComplexityCourse30 July 2007
Conway Morris FRS, SimonEvolution and Fine-Tuning in BiologyCourse30 July 2007
Schloss, JeffNaturalistic Explanations of Religion: Explaining or Explaining Away?Course31 July 2007
Jones, GarethGenetics, Plasticity and Personhood: The Brain in the 21st CenturyCourse1 August 2007
Newsome, BillTheology and the NeurosciencesCourse1 August 2007
Maughan, TimMedical Advances and Ethical Issues at the End of LifeCourse12 April 2008
Messer, NeilChristian Moral Reasoning: How can it help (and should it?)Course11 April 2008
Bryant, JohnGenetic Engineering in Health and DiseaseCourse12 April 2008
Bryant, JohnStem Cells in Research and in the ClinicCourse12 April 2008
Reiss, MichaelHandling Ethics in the Public DomainCourse12 April 2008
Jones, GarethThe Human Embryo: Reassessing Theological Approaches in the Light of Scientific AdvanceCourse12 April 2008
Taylor, PhilippaBionic Persons: The Ethics of Enhancing HumansCourse13 April 2008
Perry, JoeThe Ethics of Food Production and GM CropsCourse13 April 2008
Rupke, NicolaasAnimal Behaviour and Human Morality in Historical PerspectiveSeminar10 June 2008
Davis, Edward B. ("Ted")Science and Religion in the Life of Robert BoyleSeminar29 April 2008
Welker, MichaelScience and Religion or Science and TheologySeminar13 May 2008
Houghton, JohnA Sustainable ClimateJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
McCarthy, JimThe Denial and Misinformation IndustryJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
Guillebaud, JohnPopulation Growth as a Prime Factor in Environmental UnsustainabilityJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
DeWitt, CalvinUnsustainable Agriculture and Land UseJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
Hay, DonaldEnvironmental Unsustainability: How much should we discount the future?JRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
Arbon, IanUnsustainable EnergyJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
Northcott, MichaelSustaining Ethical life in the AnthropoceneJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
White FRS, BobNatural Disasters and Acts of God: The impact of unsustainable livingJRI/Faraday Conference25 June 2008
Houghton, JohnSustainable Climate and Energy UseCourse27 June 2008
Padilla, ReneCaring for Creation and the PoorCourse28 June 2008
DeWitt, CalvinSifting and Winnowing for the Truth: Climate Change in an Age of DeceptionCourse28 June 2008
Bauckham, RichardJesus, God and Nature in the GospelsCourse28 June 2008
Marlow, HilaryEnvironmental Justice and the Biblical ProphetsCourse28 June 2008
DeWitt, CalvinBiblical Teachings on Environmental Stewardship and Caring for CreationCourse29 June 2008
Moo, DouglasNew Testament Eschatology and the EnvironmentCourse29 June 2008
Larson, EdwardThe Reception of DarwismCourse21 July 2008
Polkinghorne, JohnCritical Realism in Science and ReligionCourse22 July 2008
Zimmerman, DeanMaterial and Immaterial PersonsCourse22 July 2008
Polkinghorne, JohnMeta-Stories of Fine-TuningCourse23 July 2008
Zimmerman, DeanGod and TimeCourse23 July 2008
Falk, DarrelHuman EvolutionCourse24 July 2008
Falk, DarrelCreationism and Intelligent DesignCourse24 July 2008
Clarke (deceased), PeterGenetics, Brain Plasticity and PersonhoodCourse25 July 2008
Moore, PeteA Better Brain? Enhancement ExaminedCourse25 July 2008
Torrance, AlanDevelopments in Neuroscience and Human Freedom: Some Theological and Philosophical PerspectivesCourse25 July 2008
Gabrielse, GeraldGod of Antimatter - DiscussionDiscussion2 March 2006
Numbers, RonaldMyths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical Perspective - DiscussionDiscussion11 May 2006
Finlay, GraemeHuman Genetics and the Image of God - DiscussionDiscussion7 November 2006
Hurlbut, WilliamStem Cells - Playing God Again? DiscussionDiscussion6 March 2007
Wright, TomCan a Scientist Believe the Resurrection? DiscussionDiscussion15 May 2007
Ellis, George F. R.The Multiverse, Ultimate Causation and God - DiscussionDiscussion6 November 2007
Wyatt, JohnWhat is a person? Matters of life and death - DiscussionDiscussion21 February 2008
Gill, RobinThe Ethics of Human EnhancementSeminar14 October 2008
Bussey, PeterDoes quantum mechanics have any relevance for religious belief?Seminar28 October 2008
Hess, RichardGod and Origins: Interpreting the Early Chapters of GenesisCourse5 November 2008
Falk, DarrelHuman Evolution (for Church Leaders)Course5 November 2008
Wilkinson, DavidEschatology and the Future of the UniverseSeminar11 November 2008
Coakley, SarahGod, Providence, and the Evolutionary Phenomenon of CooperationLecture18 November 2008
White FRS, BobScience, Religion and the Environment: General PrinciplesCourse12 January 2009
Marlow, HilaryEnvironmental Justice and the Biblical ProphetsCourse12 January 2009
Hodson, MargotBalancing Human and Environmental Concerns: A Contextual Theology for the Twenty First CenturyCourse12 January 2009
Hodson, MargotCherishing the Earth: How to care for God's CreationCourse12 January 2009
Moo, JonathanNew Testament Eschatology and the EnvironmentCourse14 January 2009
McKenzie, RossThe concept of Emergence in the dialogue between science and theologySeminar20 January 2009
Ward, KeithGod, Science and the New AtheismLecture27 January 2009
Chapman, AllanHistorical Perspectives on Christianity and Mental IllnessSeminar3 February 2009
Deane-Drummond, CeliaBeyond Separation or Sythesis: Christ and Evolution as TheodramaSeminar17 February 2009
Golshani, MehdiCurrent Issues in the Science-Religion Debate in the Islamic WorldSeminar3 March 2009
Alexander, DenisGod and DarwinPanel Discussion14 March 2009
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Interaction between Science and TheologyCourse3 April 2009
Fox, KeithCurrent Ethical Challenges in Modern BiologyCourse4 April 2009
Taylor, JohnPerspectives on Science: A new venture in history, philosophy and ethics of science in post-16 educationCourse5 April 2009
Miller, KennethGod, Darwin and DesignLecture28 April 2009
Chester, DavidNatural Disasters and Christian TheologySeminar26 May 2009
Soskice, JanetCreation ex Nihilo and What It Means for ScienceSeminar9 June 2009
Tallon, JeffTruth or True? - Faith and Science Rubbing ShouldersFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
White FRS, BobNatural Disasters: Acts of God or Results or Human Folly?Faraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
Finlay, GraemeThe Story in our GenesFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
O'Brien, GrahamEvolving EvolutionFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
Jones, GarethManufacturing Humans: The Borderlands between human and divine controlFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
McClure, JohnPsychology and Religion: Is there a Ghost in the MachineFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
Hoggard-Creegan, Nicola / Garner, StephenThe View from TheologyFaraday New Zealand Day14 March 2009
Secord, JimThe Secret History of Victorian EvolutionSeminar12 May 2009
Brown, WarrenDid My Neurons Make Me Do It? The Brain, Mind and Non-reductive PhysicalismCourse3 July 2009
Barrett, JustinThe Evolution of Religious BrainsCourse4 July 2009
Gibson, NicholasPsychological Science and the Knowledge of GodCourse4 July 2009
Brown, WarrenThe Neuroscience of VirtueCourse4 July 2009
Barrett, JustinThe Nature of Childhood TheismCourse5 July 2009
Brooke, John HedleyThe Reception of DarwinismCourse13 July 2009
Trigg, RogerRationality in Science and ReligionCourse13 July 2009
Guessoum, NidhalIslam and Science YesterdayCourse13 July 2009
Chapman, AllanMediaeval Cosmology and the ChurchCourse13 July 2009
Principe, LawrenceThe Role of Religion in the Emergence of Modern ScienceCourse14 July 2009
Principe, LawrenceNatural Theology: A Historical PerspectiveCourse14 July 2009
Guessoum, NidhalIslam and Science TodayCourse14 July 2009
Polkinghorne, JohnTheology in a Scientific ContextCourse14 July 2009
McMullin (deceased), ErnanThe Anthropic Principle: A Theological PerspectiveCourse15 July 2009
Freeland, StephenA Contemporary View of EvolutionCourse15 July 2009
Freeland, StephenDo We Belong in this Universe?Course16 July 2009
Hunt, CherrylEthical Challenges in Contemporary BiologyCourse17 July 2009
Fox, KeithGenetic Engineering: How Far Should We Go?Course17 July 2009
Hunt, CherrylThe Stem Cell ControversyCourse17 July 2009
Auletta, GennaroInformation, Biological Complexity and EmergenceSeminar6 October 2009
Iliffe, RobertNewton, Science and ReligionSeminar20 October 2009
Ewart, PaulThe Necessity of Chance: Randomness, Purpose and the Sovereignty of GodSeminar3 November 2009
McGrath, AlisterCalvin's Contributions to the Emergence of Modern ScienceSeminar17 November 2009
Marlow, HilaryTheologies of Creation: The Foundation for Environmental ConcernCourse12 January 2010
Bookless, DaveResourcing the Local Church: Bringing Creation Care to the Local ChurchCourse12 January 2010
Richmond, PatrickScientific Explanations of Religious Experience and their Implications for BeliefSeminar26 January 2010
Harrison, PeterReligious Influences in the Founding of the Royal SocietyLecture4 February 2010
Topham, JonathanBiology in the service of Natural TheologySeminar9 February 2010
Jaeger, LydiaThe Religious Roots of the Idea of Scientific LawsSeminar23 February 2010
Boersema, JanSustainable Development - Is Religion Relevant?Seminar9 March 2010
White FRS, Bob / Berry (deceased), R.J.Biodiversity and SpiritualityPanel Discussion13 March 2010
Bryant, JohnScience and Religion - An OverviewCourse26 March 2010
Allard, DavidPerspectives on Science: History, philosophy and ethics of science in post-16 educationCourse27 March 2010
Bryant, JohnCurrent Ethical Challenges in the BiosciencesCourse27 March 2010
Harrison, PeterReligious Influences in the Founding of the Royal Society - DiscussionDiscussion4 February 2010
Newsome, BillGod, Mind and BrainLecture27 April 2010
Jones, GarethHuman Enhancement: Threat or Promise?Seminar4 May 2010
Miller, KennethGod, Darwin and Design - DiscussionDiscussion28 April 2009
Murray, MichaelAnimal Suffering - Theological and Philosophical PerspectivesSeminar18 May 2010
Efron, NoahA Passion for the Universal: Science, Jews and OthersSeminar1 June 2010
Williams, StephenScience, Faith and ReasonCourse26 June 2010
O'Mathuna, DonalMedical Ethics and What it Means to be HumanCourse26 June 2010
Livingstone, DavidDarwin's Forgotten DefendersCourse27 June 2010
White FRS, BobAre Natural Disasters Acts of God?Course27 June 2010
Harrison, PeterReligion and the Rise of Modern ScienceCourse12 July 2010
Williams, StephenScience, Faith and ReasonCourse12 July 2010
McMullin (deceased), ErnanDarwin and the Other Christian TraditionCourse12 July 2010
Hannam, JamesGod's Philosophers: How the Mediaeval World Laid the Foundations of Modern ScienceCourse12 July 2010
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Anthropic PrincipleCourse13 July 2010
Schloss, JeffThe Evolution of CooperationCourse14 July 2010
Wall-Scheffler, CaraHuman Anthropology and Origins of ReligionCourse14 July 2010
Struthers, WilliamThe Mind-Body Problem and TheologyCourse15 July 2010
Coles, AlasdairBrain Imaging and Religious ExperienceCourse15 July 2010
Struthers, WilliamConsciousness in Psychological and Christian PerspectivesCourse13 August 2009
Hunt, CherrylEthical Challenges in Contemporary ScienceCourse16 July 2010
Bryant, JohnGenes and EmbryosCourse16 July 2010
Coakley, SarahGod, Providence and the Evolutionary Phenomenon of Cooperation - DiscussionDiscussion18 November 2008
Bryant, JohnThe Science-Religion Dialogue in the 21st Century - a Biologist's PerspectiveCourse13 September 2010
Bryant, JohnGenetic Engineering: How far should we go?Course14 September 2010
Coles, AlasdairImaging the Religious Brain: What can brain imaging tell us about religionCourse14 September 2010
Hannam, JamesScience and Christianity: An historical sketchCourse15 September 2010
Weaver, JohnA Theological Approach to the Environment and Climate ChangeCourse15 September 2010
Coles, AlasdairNeuronal Imaging of the Religious BrainSeminar12 October 2010
Mawson, TimA Philosopher's Perspective on Anthropic Fine-TuningSeminar26 November 2009
Picard, RosalindPlaying God? Towards machines that deny their makerLecture2 November 2010
Cowburn FRS, RussellNanotechnology, Ethics and ReligionSeminar9 November 2010
Bartholomew, DavidVictor Stenger's Scientific Critique of Christian BeliefSeminar23 November 2010
Williams, Rowan / Eagleton, TerryResponses to the New Atheism: A Public DiscussionLecture19 November 2010
Newsome, BillGod, Mind and Brain - DiscussionDiscussion27 April 2010
Picard, RosalindPlaying God? Towards machines that deny their maker (with subtitles)Lecture2 November 2010
Polkinghorne, JohnAn Introduction to the Science and Religion DialogueCourse12 January 2011
Richmond, PatrickHandling Questions on Science and Religion in the ParishCourse14 January 2011
Wyllie, AndrewHow and Why Cells Die - Biological and Theological PerspectivesSeminar25 January 2011
Clarke (deceased), PeterBrain Determinism and Free WillSeminar8 February 2011
Williams, DavidAnimal Rights, Human ResponsibilitiesSeminar22 February 2011
Wiseman, JenniferExoplanets, Life and Human SignificanceLecture1 March 2011
Alexander, Denis / Moore, Pete / Wyatt, JohnHuman Enhancement: How far should we goPanel Discussion26 March 2011
Guessoum, NidhalScience and Religion in Islam Today - A Critical SurveySeminar3 May 2011
Rees, MartinIntroduction to LemaitreCourse7 April 2011
Lambert, DominiqueLemaitre: The Priest who Invented the Big BangCourse8 April 2011
Kragh, HelgeLemaitre, the Expanding Universe and the Primeval AtomCourse8 April 2011
Holder, RodneyLemaitre and Hoyle: Contrasting Characters in Science and ReligionCourse8 April 2011
Heller, MichalLemaitre, the Big Bang and the Quantum UniverseCourse8 April 2011
Coyne, GeorgeLemaitre: Science and ReligionCourse8 April 2011
Block, DavidLemaitre and CensorshipCourse8 April 2011
Barrow, JohnLemaitre's LegacyCourse9 April 2011
Page, DonMultiple Reasons for a MultiverseCourse9 April 2011
Ellis, George F. R.A Critique of Multiverse TheoriesCourse9 April 2011
Carr, BernardLemaitre's Prescience: The beginning and end of the cosmosCourse9 April 2011
Collins, RobinCosmology and Fine Tuning: Three ApproachesCourse10 April 2011
Polkinghorne, JohnFinal Theological ReflectionsCourse10 April 2011
Picard, RosalindPlaying God? Towards machines that deny their maker - DiscussionDiscussion2 November 2010
Bosco Lourdusamy, JohnScience and Religion in Colonial India - A Historical PerspectiveSeminar31 May 2011
Coles, AlasdairGod and the BrainTalk8 June 2011
Holder, RodneyGod and the MultiverseTalk9 June 2011
Hutchinson, IanMonopolising Knowledge: A Refutation of ScientismCourse18 July 2011
O'Connor, TimCosmic Fine-Tuning: Discerning Purpose at the Limits of ScienceCourse19 July 2011
Guessoum, NidhalIslam and Modern ScienceCourse18 July 2011
Chapman, AllanScience, Secularism and Enlightenment: The historical origins of a modern mythologyCourse18 July 2011
Guessoum, NidhalIslam and Modern TechnologiesCourse19 July 2011
Peters, TedAstro-Ethics and the Search for LifeCourse19 July 2011
Fox, KeithCreation and EvolutionCourse20 July 2011
Hutchinson, IanPhysics and FaithCourse19 July 2011
Lahti, DavidIs Human Behaviour in the Genes?Course20 July 2011
Lahti, DavidHas Religion Evolved?Course20 July 2011
Lucas, ErnestThe Creation Narratives in Genesis 1-3Course20 July 2011
Clarke (deceased), PeterThe Brain as a Neuronal MachineCourse21 July 2011
O'Connor, TimFree Will and the Scientific Study of the Mind: Oil and Water?Course21 July 2011
Cortez, MarcEmbodied Souls, Ensouled BodiesCourse21 July 2011
Peters, TedCan We Enhance the Imago Dei? A Theological Assessment of Genetic Alteration, Nanotechnology and TranshumanismCourse22 July 2011
Schloss, JeffAnimal Suffering: Theological and Philosophical PerspectivesCourse22 July 2011
Allen, IngridThe Neuroscience Correlates of Religious Faith and PracticeCourse26 June 2011
Holder, RodneyScience and the Justification of Religious BeliefCourse25 June 2011
Bookless, DaveEarthing Theology: Caring for Creation in Urban and Rural ContextsCourse22 July 2011
Wiseman, JenniferExoplanets, Life and Human Significance - DiscussionDiscussion1 March 2011
Ekins, Paul / Pettifor, AnnSustainable Growth?Course26 September 2011
Cooper, Tim / Izzi Dien, Mawil / Zsolnai, LaszloSustainable Growth Panel DiscussionCourse26 September 2011
McKibben, BillSustainable ConsumptionCourse27 September 2011
Crompton, Tom / Kumar, Satish / Valerio, RuthSustainable Consumption Panel DiscussionCourse27 September 2011
McKibben, BillFaith in a Sustainable FutureLecture28 September 2011
Davenport, JulietSustainable ProductionCourse27 September 2011
Bailey, Cal / Haleem, Harfiyah / Tindle, RoySustainable Production Panel DiscussionCourse27 September 2011
Kumar, SatishSpirituality and SustainabilityCourse27 September 2011
Chambers, PaulGoverning for SustainabilityCourse28 September 2011
Atkins, Andy / Crawford-Brown, Douglas / Melchett, PeterGoverning for Sustainability Panel DiscussionCourse28 September 2011
Khalid, Fazlun / Storkey, ElaineReligion and Sustainability in Global PerspectiveCourse28 September 2011
Bell, RichardMind and Matter: The World as 'Representation' in Quantum TheorySeminar18 October 2011
Srokosz, MericOceans, Climate Change and Christianity: The Earth's Story and God's StorySeminar1 November 2011
Holder, Rodney / Polkinghorne, John / Brooke, John Hedley / Hasan, UsamaScience and Religion: Friends or Foes?Panel Discussion29 October 2011
Polkinghorne, JohnA Destiny Beyond Death?Seminar29 November 2011
Lahti, DavidThe Evolution of MoralityLecture15 November 2011
Holder, RodneyIs the Universe Designed?Course11 January 2012
Gosling, DavidScience and the Indian Tradition: When Einstein met TagoreSeminar24 January 2012
Moltmann, JurgenFrom Physics to Theology: A Personal StoryLecture14 February 2012
Fairchild, PaulPluripotent Stem Cells: Medical Dream or Ethical Nightmare?Seminar21 February 2012
McKibben, BillFaith in a Sustainable Future - DiscussionDiscussion29 September 2011
Williams, StephenBiblical Miracles and Modern ScienceCourse26 June 2011
Howard Ecklund, ElaineThe Religious Beliefs of Scientists - a Sociological AnalysisSeminar6 March 2012
Alexander, Denis / Coles, Alasdair / Clarke (deceased), Peter / Tallis, Raymond / Smith, Barry C.Brain, Mind, Neurons and Free-Will - Panel Discussion chaired byPanel Discussion17 March 2012
Newsome, BillFree Choice and the Brain: Interpreting volition in a post-Libet EraSeminar15 May 2012
Vernon, MarkAn agnostic's perspective on the philosophy of science and religionCourse31 March 2012
Ward, KeithA Theist's Perspective on the Philosophy of Science and ReligionCourse31 March 2012
Law, StephenIs the Universe Designed? - an Atheist's ViewCourse31 March 2012
Holder, RodneyIs the Universe Designed? - a Theist's ViewCourse30 March 2012
Conway Morris FRS, SimonDoes the evolutionary narrative tend to support theism?Course1 April 2012
Lightman, BernardDoes the History of Science and Religion change depending on the Narrator? An Atheist's and Agnostic's ViewCourse1 April 2012
Chapman, AllanDoes the History of Science and Religion change depending on the Narrator? A Theist's ViewCourse1 April 2012
Nowak, MartinThe Evolution of CooperationLecture28 May 2012
Sober, ElliottNaturalism and Evolutionary TheoryLecture24 May 2012
Ward, MichaelScience and Religion in the Writings of C. S. LewisSeminar29 May 2012
Moltmann, JurgenFrom Physics to Theology: A Personal StoryDiscussion14 February 2012
Landgren, PerNatural History: from Aristotle to Linnaeus - Influences on the Early Modern Relation between the Bible and ScienceSeminar12 June 2012
Lahti, DavidThe Genetics of Human BehaviourCourse10 July 2012
Wall-Scheffler, CaraHow did Humans Evolve?Course10 July 2012
Moo, JonathanEnvironmental Apocalypse and Christian HopeCourse12 July 2012
Bryant, JohnCreation or Evolution?Course10 July 2012
Wiseman, JenniferHabitable Exoplanets: The Implications for Human SignificanceCourse10 July 2012
Newsome, BillBrain, Mind and Free-Will: Did my neurons make me do it?Course11 July 2012
Polkinghorne, JohnTheology and PhysicsCourse9 July 2012
Walton, JohnReading Genesis 1 with Ancient EyesCourse9 July 2012
Tarassenko, LionelArtificial Intelligence: from chess playing computers to artificial consciousness?Course11 July 2012
van Inwagen, PeterA Philosophical Perspective on Free WillCourse11 July 2012
Jones, GarethHuman Embryology and BioethicsCourse12 July 2012
Wyatt, JohnWhat does it mean to be a Person? Matters of Life and DeathCourse12 July 2012
Howard Ecklund, ElaineThe Religious and Ethical Beliefs of ScientistsCourse12 July 2012
Brooke, John HedleyScience vs Religion? The Origins of the Conflict ThesisCourse13 July 2012
Larson, EdwardDarwinism, Eugenics and ReligionCourse13 July 2012
Chapman, AllanThe Historical Roots of Scientific ReductionismCourse13 July 2012
McGrath, AlisterScience, Religion and the New AtheismCourse13 July 2012
Fox, KeithGenetics and Human IdentityCourse16 September 2012
Heap, BrianFood Security and Modern GeneticsCourse16 September 2012
Bryant, JohnGenetic Engineering: How far should we go? (updated)Course16 September 2012
Alexander, DenisGenetic and Cellular Complexity: A Critique of Intelligent DesignCourse15 September 2012
Asher, RobertConstructing Evolutionary History from Genetics and PalaeontologyCourse15 September 2012
Boyle, ElizabethIntersections between Religion and Science in Early Medieval IrelandSeminar9 October 2012
Hutchinson, IanScientism: how much faith should we put in scienceLecture15 October 2012
Bauckham, RichardEcological Hope in Crisis?Seminar23 October 2012
Coakley, SarahEvolution, Cooperation and GodSeminar6 November 2012
Meurig Thomas, JohnThe Genius of Michael FaradaySeminar20 November 2012
Polkinghorne, JohnBeing a Christian in science - Lessons from a Long JourneyLecture19 November 2012
Hewish, AntonyMy Life in Science and Religion - A Personal StorySeminar22 January 2013
Jongkind, DirkScience and the Investigation of New Testament DocumentsSeminar5 February 2013
Gregersen, NielsThe Role of Thought Experiments in Science and TheologySeminar19 February 2013
McMahon FRS, Harvey T.Is Teleology still a Useful Concept in Biology?Seminar5 March 2013
Robinson, PeterMachines in the Image of GodLecture7 March 2013
White FRS, BobTake Ten: the religious beliefs of ten famous scientistsCourse23 March 2013
Ellis, George F. R.Emergence, Top Down Causation and ReductionismSeminar30 April 2013
Jones, JamesDoes Cognitive Psychology Subvert Religious Belief?Seminar14 May 2013
O'Connor, TimThe Emergence of Human Persons: Between the Scylla of Dualism and the Charybdis of ReductionismSeminar28 May 2013
Alexander, DenisGenes, Determinism and GodLecture6 June 2013
Radick, GregoryJesus, Darwin and Ashley MontaguSeminar11 June 2013
Guessoum, NidhalLessons from the Golden Age of Islam & ScienceCourse8 July 2013
Davis, Edward B. ("Ted")Why History Matters: Debunking the 'Warfare' View of Science and ReligionCourse8 July 2013
O'Connor, TimCould There Be a Theory of Everything?Course8 July 2013
Gingerich, OwenTruth in Science: Proof and Persuasion from Copernicus to the Galileo AffairCourse9 July 2013
Harrison, PeterReligion and the Rise of Modern ScienceCourse8 July 2013
Bimson, JohnInterpreting the Creation Narratives in Genesis 1-3Course10 July 2013
Guessoum, NidhalIslam and Modern Science: conflict or harmony?Course8 July 2013
Harrison, PeterBiology and Worldviews: From Natural Theology to the Evolutionary EpicLecture20 September 2013
Wall-Scheffler, CaraHuman Anthropology and the Origins of ReligionCourse10 July 2013
Southgate, ChristopherNew Approaches to the Origin of Life - Scientific and TheologicalSeminar15 October 2013
Sahakian, Barbara / Tallis, Raymond / Coles, Alasdair / Moore, Pete / Alexander, DenisBoosting the Brain: how far would you go?Panel Discussion25 October 2013
Weiss, DanielThe concept of the person in JudaismSeminar29 October 2013
Cowburn FRS, RussellNanotechnology, Ethics and ReligionCourse12 July 2013
Waters, BrentFlesh made data: the post human project in the light of incarnationSeminar12 November 2013
Herzfeld, NoreenAre humans computers?Course11 July 2013
Hodson, MargotThe environment: what hope do we have for life on a fragile planet?Course12 July 2013
Aleman, AndreHearing Voices, Brain and GodSeminar26 November 2013
Williams, Rowan / Tallis, RaymondFaith and ScienceTalk4 December 2013
Freeland, StephenWill life on other planets share our genetic code?Lecture21 November 2013
Wiseman, JenniferNew Surprises in an Ancient UniverseCourse12 July 2013
Alexander, DenisTheological Issues arising from EvolutionCourse13 January 2014
Kimber, SusanStem Cells and HealingSeminar21 January 2014
Bussey, PeterGod and AstrophysicsCourse30 November 2013
Ward, KeithBig Questions in Science and ReligionCourse30 November 2013
Halvorson, HansDoes the Universe need God?Lecture29 January 2014
Marlow, HilaryCreation Care - Why Bother?Course30 November 2013
Abbott, RogerAre Natural Disasters Natural? Ethical, theological and pastoral issuesCourse15 January 2014
Alexander, DenisCreation or Evolution: Do we have to choose?Course30 November 2013
Marlow, HilaryWho Are We? Biblical and theological perspectives on what it means to be humanCourse14 January 2014
Hain, RichardInfanticide on demand: why should the baby live? Medical ethics for childrenSeminar18 February 2014
Coles, AlasdairMind, brain and the search for GodCourse14 January 2014
Dein, SimonReligion, spirituality and mental health: current controversies and future directionsSeminar4 March 2014
Trigg, RogerRationality in Science and FaithCourse4 April 2014
Ward, KeithMorality and the Philosophy of ScienceCourse5 April 2014
Louis, ArdContingency, Convergence and Hyper-astronomical Numbers in Biological Evolution.Seminar29 April 2014
Trigg, RogerCognitive Science, Philosophy and FaithCourse5 April 2014
O'Connor, TimEvolution, Emergence and PhilosophyCourse5 April 2014
O'Connor, TimFree Will and DeterminismCourse5 April 2014
Jaeger, LydiaReading the book of Nature: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Laws of NatureCourse5 April 2014
McLeish, TomFaith and Wisdom in ScienceSeminar15 May 2014
Butterfield, JeremyPhysics and PhilosophyCourse6 April 2014
Lucas, ErnestThe Bible, Science and CreationLecture28 May 2014
Heap, BrianCan Genetics Feed Africa?Seminar26 May 2014
McLeish, TomExploring the relationship between Science and ReligionCourse7 July 2014
Harris, MarkCreation in the Bible and in ScienceCourse7 July 2014
Brooke, John HedleyThe Historical Roots of Modern ScienceCourse8 July 2014
Wilkinson, DavidGod and CosmologyCourse7 July 2014
Wilkinson, DavidScience, Religion and the Search for Extra-Terrestial IntelligenceCourse8 July 2014
Wilkinson, DavidScience, Religion and the Search for Extra-Terrestial IntelligenceCourse8 July 2014
Bryant, JohnDarwin: Evolution, Genes and GodCourse8 July 2014
Drossel, BarbaraComplex Systems, Emergence and GodCourse9 July 2014
Wall-Scheffler, CaraThe Origins of Humanity: Cultural and Religious DevelopmentCourse9 July 2014
Murray, MichaelDoes Evolutionary Theory Undermine Religious Belief?Course9 July 2014
Joakim, ErinReligious Responses to Natural DisastersCourse10 July 2014
Murray, MichaelEvil in Evolution - a Philosopher's PerspectiveCourse10 July 2014
Bookless, DaveThe Environment - Ethical and Religious IssuesCourse10 July 2014
Walton, JohnOrigins in GenesisCourse11 July 2014
Howard Ecklund, ElaineThe Faiths of Scientists in the UK and USCourse7 July 2014
Barrett, JustinPsychology and religious beliefCourse11 July 2014
Herzfeld, NoreenMemory and personhoodCourse11 July 2014
McGrath, AlisterDarwin, Dawkins and the Divine: Why is biology at the heart of the New Atheism?Lecture19 September 2014
Lucas, ErnestThe Bible, Science and Creation - DiscussionDiscussion28 May 2014
Northcott, MichaelEschatology in the Anthropocene: From the Chronos of Deep Time to the Kairos of the Age of HumansSeminar14 October 2014
Barrett, JustinAre People Born to Believe?Lecture21 October 2014
Tallis, RaymondAre we (just) animals?Seminar28 October 2014
Lauffenburger, DouglasCancer and Cures, Medicine and MiraclesSeminar25 November 2014
Barrett, JustinAre People Born to believe?Discussion21 October 2014
Harrison, GlynnIdentity, Self-Esteem and the Image of GodLecture13 January 2015
Barrett, JustinAre people born to believe? (After dinner discussion)Discussion21 October 2014
Harris, Mark"The trees of the field shall clap their hands"(Isaiah 55:12): What does it mean to say that creation praises the Creator"Seminar20 January 2015
Steane, AndrewFaithful to Science:the role of science in religionSeminar3 February 2015
Holder, RodneyAn Introduction to the Science and Religion DialogueCourse7 January 2015
Valerio, RuthCaring for Creation: Why Bother?Course9 January 2015
Randall, IanCharles Raven (1885-1964): Professor of Divinity and Promoter of ScienceSeminar17 February 2015
Dajani, RanaIslam and Evolution: Is there a controversy?Lecture19 February 2015
Harrison, GlynnIdentity, Self Esteem and the Image of GodDiscussion13 January 2015
Mellor, FelicityAppropriating Religion for Science in Brian Cox's "Wonders"Seminar3 March 2015
Ward, KeithHas science removed the need for God?Course20 March 2015
Straine, GillianDoes matter matter? Fundamental physics and ideas about GodCourse21 March 2015
Hannam, JamesCan science and religion get on? Some lessons from historyCourse21 March 2015
Ward, KeithWhy does nature suffer? Evolution, evil and the goodness of GodCourse22 March 2015
van Woudenberg, ReneWhat are the similarities between scientific and theological explanations?Seminar28 April 2015
Cowburn FRS, RussellThe God of Small Things: Nanotechnology, Creation and GodLecture7 May 2015
Briggs, AndrewThe Penultimate CuriositySeminar12 May 2015
Messer, NeilThe Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement: A Theological PerspectiveSeminar26 May 2015
McGrath, AlisterScience or Religion: Do we have to choose?Course6 July 2015
Harrison, PeterThe religious origins of modern scienceCourse6 July 2015
Lucas, ErnestScience and the Bible: Genesis 1Course6 July 2015
McGrath, AlisterTheological and philosophical responses to new atheismCourse6 July 2015
Ray, NicholasThe science of global environmental changesCourse7 July 2015
Aten, JamieThe psychology of religion/spirituality and disastersCourse10 July 2015
Drossel, BarbaraThe laws of physics and God's actionCourse7 July 2015
Wilkinson, DavidIs the Universe Designed?Course7 July 2015
Lucas, ErnestScience and the Bible: Genesis 2-3Course8 July 2015
Wilkinson, DavidExtra-terrestrial intelligence: scientific and theological issuesCourse8 July 2015
Ray, NicholasGenetics and Human EvolutionCourse8 July 2015
Cowburn FRS, RussellThe God of Small Things: Nanotechnology, Creation and GodDiscussion7 May 2015
Southgate, ChristopherTheological issues arising from evolutionCourse8 July 2015
Reed Burdett, EmilyThe science of children’s belief in God and the supernaturalCourse9 July 2015
Burdett, MichaelHuman Enhancement: ethical and theological issuesCourse9 July 2015
Wyatt, JohnEthical issues at the beginning and end of lifeCourse10 July 2015
Burdett, MichaelHuman Enhancement: Ethical and Theological IssuesCourse9 July 2015
Reed Burdett, EmilyThe science of children's belief in God and the supernaturalCourse9 July 2015
De Haan, DanielNeuroscience and FaithCourse9 July 2015
Pollmann, KarlaHow did Augustine's thought shape a Scientific Worldview?Lecture6 October 2015
Holder, RodneyScience and Natural TheologySeminar20 October 2015
Pinsent, AndrewScience and Special Divine ActionSeminar3 November 2015
Ahmed, Aaqil / Elsdon-Baker, Fern / Longley, Clifford / Alexander, DenisThe Power of the Media in the Science - Religion DebatePanel Discussion31 October 2015
Fox, KeithRandomness and God in the Biochemical ContextSeminar17 November 2015
Tracey, IreneImaging Belief States in Pain and ReligionLecture27 November 2015
Fletcher, PaulDisbelief, delusions and hallucinationsCourse28 November 2015
McMahon FRS, Harvey T.Mind-brain and freewillCourse28 November 2015
McKay, RyanDelusions, positive illusions, and jump to conclusionsCourse28 November 2015
De Haan, DanielAscribing beliefs to brainsCourse28 November 2015
Collicutt, JoannaDamaged Brain, Wounded Soul?Course28 November 2015
Coles, AlasdairParkinson's Disease and FaithCourse29 November 2015
Cook, ChrisThe significance of hearing voicesCourse28 November 2015
Hughes, JulianFaith in dementia: Authenticity and neuroscienceCourse29 November 2015
Thompson, MikeThe 'soul' in the New TestamentCourse29 November 2015
Gulliford, LizForgiveness, gratitude and hope in psychology and theologyCourse29 November 2015
Astle, DuncanFaith and the developing brainCourse29 November 2015
Davison, AndrewScience and religion: what are the issues?Course6 January 2016
Holder, RodneyCosmology and FaithCourse6 January 2016
Alexander, DenisCreation or Evolution: Do we have to choose?Course6 January 2016
Fox, KeithGenetics and BioethicsCourse6 January 2016
Marlow, HilaryBiblical and theological perspectives on personhoodCourse7 January 2016
Coles, AlasdairNeurological disease and faithCourse7 January 2016
Bancewicz, RuthScience and worshipCourse8 January 2016
Johnson, VictoriaScience and mission in local congregationsCourse8 January 2016
Marlow, HilaryThe Bible and ScienceCourse7 January 2016
Dekker, CeesMy meandering path within the lands of science and faithSeminar9 February 2016
Hardin, JeffHow we are made: Embryos, Biology and BeliefCis - Faraday Public Lecture12 February 2016
Freeland, StephenThe Genetic CodeCourse13 February 2016
Hawkins, RhodaOrdered Disorder in BiologyCourse13 February 2016
McGrath, AlisterBiology and Natural TheologyCourse14 February 2016
Miller, MargaretEcology: Living CommunitiesCourse14 February 2016
Marlow, HilaryThe Bible and BiologyCourse14 February 2016
Grady, MonicaComets and Asteroids, Moon and Mars, Science and Faith - and Life and DeathSeminar23 February 2016
Howard, DamianThe Reception of Evolutionary Ideas in the Muslim WorldSeminar8 March 2016
Oldfield, ChrisScience and Religion: How do we know what we know?Course27 February 2016
Henderson, LizzieFossils, Evolution and the BibleCourse27 February 2016
Buzza, MartinHasn't Science Disproved God?Course27 February 2016
Evans, DarrenWhose Earth? Faith and the conservation of global biodiversityCourse27 February 2016
Henson, ShaunGod and the Order of Nature: Unity and PluralitySeminar3 May 2016
Kindschi, DougIs there a place at the science-religion table for mathematics?Seminar19 April 2016
Glass, DavidScience, God and Ockham's Razor: Can Science Explain God Away?Seminar17 May 2016
Harris, MarkScience and Religion: Clash of Worldviews?Course4 July 2016
Ramachandra, VinothGod and Natural EvilCourse5 July 2016
Jones, JamesWhy care for creation? Christianity and the environmentCourse5 July 2016
Lahti, DavidBiology and personhoodCourse7 July 2016
Ramachandra, VinothRobotics and Artificial Intelligence: Secular EschatologiesCourse8 July 2016
Zoloth, LaurieJudaism and the EnvironmentCourse5 July 2016
Hannam, JamesThe mythical conflict: Have science and religion got on better than people think?Course4 July 2016
Weiss, DanielJewish Perspectives on PersonhoodCourse7 July 2016
Lahti, DavidHuman Evolution and Moral FreedomCourse6 July 2016
Howard Ecklund, ElaineWhat scientists believe: global perspectives on science and faithCourse8 July 2016
Finlay, GraemeHuman Genetics and the Image of GodLecture8 September 2016
Harris, MarkThe Bible and Human OriginsCourse6 July 2016
Zoloth, LaurieReligion, suffering and bioethicsCourse8 July 2016
Hasan, UsamaIslam and EvolutionCourse7 July 2016
Eastman, SusanBiblical and Scientific Anthropologies in ConversationCourse18 September 2016
Cameron, NigelSocial Implications and the Future of WorkCourse18 September 2016
Wyatt, JohnArtificial Intelligence, Robots and Human IdentityCourse16 September 2016
Hughes, JulianLiving Forever: A Worry for Religious BeliefSeminar11 October 2016
Glass, DavidReligious Faith in an Age of Intelligent MachinesCourse17 September 2016
Chang, HasokHow Science Learns about Unobservable EntitiesSeminar25 October 2016
Burdett, MichaelCan we say 'you' to artifacts: personhood and creation in a technological worldCourse17 September 2016
Rees, MartinArtificial Intelligence and the search for Extra-Terrestrial LifeCourse17 September 2016
Singler, BethScience Fiction and ReligionCourse17 September 2016
Harper, RichardCommunication, God and MachinesCourse18 September 2016
Evans, JohnScientific and Religious Definitions of a Human: Their Impact on Human RightsSeminar8 November 2016
Robinson, PeterEthical Implications of Emotionally Responsive MachinesCourse17 September 2016
Pluess, MichaelIs Happiness in our Genes?Seminar22 November 2016
Howard Ecklund, ElaineDo Scientist Believe In God? Results from an Eight-Nation StudyLecture17 November 2016
Fox, KeithGod, DNA and GeneticsCourse12 January 2017
Naguib, ShuruqScientific Exegesis of the Qur'an: Bint al-Shati's Critique of Mustafa MahmudSeminar24 January 2017
Holder, RodneyIs the Universe Designed?Course11 January 2017
Thomson (Bishop of Huntingdon), DavidBuilding Better Bridges - Science and faith working together historically, nationally and locally.Course11 January 2017
Cottingham, JohnDescartes, God and the Mechanistic UniverseSeminar7 February 2017
Valerio, RuthWhy care for creation?Course12 January 2017
Coles, AlasdairPastoral issues arising from neurological and psychiatric illnessCourse11 January 2017
Wyatt, JohnMatters of life and deathCourse12 January 2017
Trigg, RogerScience and Christianity: Conflict or Cooperation?Lecture2 March 2017
Copan, PaulThe scientific naturalists are declaring the glory of God: Theistic support from unlikely places.Seminar21 February 2017
MacFarland, IanCan God Play Dice? Chance and the Question of Metaphysical Continuity between Creator and Creation.Seminar7 March 2017
Singler, Beth / Weller, Adrian / Boden, Margaret / Tallinn, Jaan / Wyatt, JohnArtificial Intelligence: Its Future and OursPanel Discussion22 October 2016
Henderson, Lizzie / Gregory, DaveScience and Religion with Children and Young PeopleCourse11 January 2017
Haleem, HarfiyahScience, the Environment and the Qur'anCourse29 April 2017
Coles, Alasdair / Thompson, MikeNeuroscience, the Bible and the SoulCourse29 April 2017
Tee, CarolineScience and Sacred Texts: Ways of ReadingCourse28 April 2017
Hassan, Laura / Hannam, JamesGod's Two Books in Islam and ChristianityCourse29 April 2017
Middleton, J. RichardHuman Distinctiveness and the Origin of Evil in a Biblical and Evolutionary PerspectiveSeminar2 May 2017
Wiseman, JenniferGalaxies, Starts, Planets and Life: Investigating a Fruitful UniverseSeminar16 May 2017
Lucas, ErnestScience, the Bible and Human OriginsCourse29 April 2017
Moo, JonathanTranscending Nature? Christianity and EcomodernismSeminar30 May 2017
Hunt, CherrylBiblical Approaches to the EnvironmentCourse30 April 2017
Marlow, HilaryEvolutionary Biology and the BibleCourse30 April 2017
Reixinger, MartinEvolution and the Qur'an in the Contemporary Muslim WorldCourse30 April 2017
White FRS, BobIntroducing Science and ReligionCourse3 July 2017
Reixinger, MartinEvolution and the Qur'an in the Contemporary Muslim WorldCourse30 April 2017
Holder, RodneyCosmology and the Christian Doctrine of CreationCourse3 July 2017
Coles, AlasdairWhat does neuroscience teach us which is helpful for those of faith?Course3 July 2017
Humphreys FRS, ColinDating Biblical Events Using ScienceCourse4 July 2017
Hickman, LouiseHistorical Perspectives on Natural TheologyCourse4 July 2016
Holder, RodneyCosmology and the Anthropic PrincipleCourse3 July 2017
Cowburn FRS, RussellWhy does matter matter to God?Course6 July 2017
Brooke, John HedleyHistorical Perspectives in Science and ReligionCourse4 July 2016
Fox, KeithCreation and Evolution - how do they relate?Course5 July 2017
Alexander, DenisEvolution, Adam and Eve, The Fall and SufferingCourse4 July 2017
McMahon FRS, Harvey T.The Brain, Free Will and DeterminismCourse6 July 2017
Tennant, JosephReligious Expereince and the BrainCourse6 July 2017
Singler, BethArtificial Intelligence (as God) in Science FictionCourse6 July 2017
Moo, JonathanThe Ecological Vision of the Christian ScripturesCourse7 July 2017
Massmann, AlexanderHuman Embryonic Gene Editing: Scientific, Ethical and Theological ImplicationsCourse7 July 2017
Schaefer, Henry F.Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?Lecture9 October 2017
Watts, DavidMathematics and the Beauty of GodSeminar24 October 2017
Zeki FRS, SemirThe Neurobiology of Beauty and its ImplicationsSeminar20 October 2017
Done, ChristineGravity, Black Holes and Ultimate RealitySeminar7 November 2017
Briggs, AndrewIs Reality Really Real?Course25 November 2017
Abbott, RogerOur response to natural disastersCourse11 January 2018
Fox, KeithGetting to grips with bioethicsCourse11 January 2018
Davie, GraceScience and Religion: The context for debateSeminar23 January 2018
Bancewicz, RuthWhy every Christian should wish they were a scientistCourse10 January 2018
Coles, AlasdairBrain science and the churchCourse10 January 2018
Wyatt, JohnBeing Human in an age of nearly-human machinesCourse11 January 2018
Robbins, JoelConceptions of Sin and the Nature of Social Life: Anthropology and the Theology of AtonementSeminar6 February 2018
Henderson, LizzieRaising the next generation with science and faithCourse10 January 2018
Wyatt, JohnWhen is enough enough? Dying well in an age of technological possibilities.Course15 February 2018
Hickman, LouiseResisting Blind Chance and a 'Senseless' Cosmos: Historical Perspectives on Science, Ethics and NatureSeminar20 February 2018
Jones, DavidThe Ethics of Withholding Treatment and Virtue TheoryCourse15 February 2018
Siddiqi, NavedA Good Death in a Changing Religious LandscapeCourse15 February 2018
Fraser, DerekPastoral reflections on death and dyingCourse15 February 2018
Puttock, EleanorHow do we make sense of the world in times of adversity?Lecture14 March 2018
Abbott, RogerThe Colour of Disaster: New Orleans and Hurricane KatrinaSeminar6 March 2018
Ash, ChristopherA Biblical Perspective on the Natural WorldCourse15 April 2018
Abbott, RogerDisasters and Resilience: What Good is God?Course14 March 2018
Honorat, Luc / Mobula, Linda / Taylor, Ken / Abbott, RogerPersonal Testimonies of Disaster ExperienceCourse14 April 2018
Taylor, KenThe Church Community in Disaster RecoveryCourse15 April 2018
Mobula, LindaPhysician, heal yourself! Epidemics and compassionCourse14 April 2018
White FRS, BobDisasters: Natural or Unnatural?Course13 April 2018
Donovan, AmyVolcanic Disasters and Christian ResponseCourse14 April 2018
Coles, AlasdairFaith and Neuroscience: Friend of Foe?Seminar29 May 2018
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the Reliability of the BibleLecture16 May 2018
Burdett, MichaelThe Search for Meaning Amidst Cosmic Annihilation, Transhumanism and the Last JudgementSeminar1 May 2018
Honorat, LucDisasters: What survivors think and how to helpCourse15 April 2018
Marlow, Hilary / Tee, CarolineScience and Miracles: Perspectives from Christianity and IslamSeminar15 May 2018
Mosey, JohnDisasters, Blame and ForgivenessCourse15 April 2018
Robinson, Peter / Wyatt, JohnGod, Artificial Intelligence and HumansLecture15 February 2018
Hutchinson, IanWhat does science learn from theology and what does theology learn from science?Course2 July 2018
van Woudenberg, ReneThe presupposition of science, the Bible and Christian faithCourse3 July 2018
Hickman, LouiseHistorical Perspectives on Natural TheologyCourse3 July 2018
Clarke, StephanieIs the Human Brain Hard-Wired for Faith?Course4 July 2018
Marlow, HilaryThe Bible Ethics of Creation CareCourse6 July 2018
Fox, KeithCreation and Evolution - An OverviewCourse3 July 2018
Wyatt, JohnCould a robot ever have real human identity?Course4 July 2018
van Woudenberg, ReneScientism and the limits of scienceCourse2 July 2018
Hulme, MikeReligious Engagements with Climate ChangeCourse6 July 2018
Cowburn FRS, RussellPerfection and Randomness: Lessons from NanotechnologySeminar9 October 2018
Williams, RowanHuman Identity in a Scientific WorldLecture2 November 2018
Guessoum, NidhalCreation and Evolution in the Muslim WorldCourse5 July 2018
Abbott, RogerThe role of religion on human responses to natural disastersCourse6 July 2018
Klaui, MathiasFaith and Science for a Sustainable WorldSeminar6 November 2018
Alexander, DenisGenetics, God and the Future of HumanitySeminar23 November 2018
Walton, JohnUnderstanding Genesis in contextCourse5 July 2018
Rollinson, HughThe Earliest Life on EarthSeminar22 January 2019
Wilkinson, DavidExoplanets, Aliens and GodLecture14 February 2019
Guiderdoni, BrunoKalam Philosopy, Islam and ScienceSeminar20 November 2018
Wilkinson, DavidExoplanets, Aliens and GodLecture14 February 2019
Briggs, AndrewIt Keeps Me Seeking: The Invitation from Science, Philosophy and ReligionSeminar5 February 2019
Bretherton, RogerHumility, Hope and Holiness: Explorations in the Psychology of Character StrengthsSeminar19 February 2019
Swinton, JohnHearing Voices: Theology, Psychiatry and the Lived Experience of Hearing VoicesSeminar5 March 2019
White, IanScientific Life for the ChristianTalk26 November 2018
Rollinson, HughClimate Change: Why should we care?Talk10 January 2019
Crook, NigelCan Machines be Moral Agents?Seminar30 April 2019
De Cruz, HelenOpenness and Deference: The role of awe in scientific and religious practiceSeminar14 May 2019
Nisbet, EuanOur Fragile Planet - a Christian Perspective: Are We Breaking the Rainbow?Seminar28 May 2019
Hayhoe, KatharineChristians, Climate and our CultureLecture15 May 2019
Abbott, RogerNatural Disasters - Whose Fault?Talk10 January 2019
Hayhoe, KatharineClimate Change: Facts, Fiction and our FaithCourse5 July 2019
Wang, MichaelConsciousness and the Anatomy of the SoulCourse4 July 2019
Drossel, BarbaraWhere do the laws of nature come from?Course1 July 2019
Harrison, PeterThe Role of Religion in the Rise of Modern ScienceCourse1 July 2019
Clarke, StephanieIs it all in the brain?Course4 July 2019
Evans, DarrenWhy care for conservation?Course5 July 2019
Wyatt, JohnHumans.... nothing more than machines?Talk4 July 2019
Srokosz, MericCaring for the OceansTalk12 September 2019
Pritchard, MattGetting Practical: Using Science Demonstrations to Good EffectLecture3 July 2019
Alexander, DenisAre We Slaves to our Genes?Talk3 July 2019
Fox, KeithEvolutionary Genetics and Human EvolutionTalk2 July 2019
Kimber, SusanThe Changing Face of Medicine: Stem Cells for Future Medicine - Scientific Advances and a Christian ResponseLecture24 October 2019
Wilkinson, AltheaThe Square Kilometre Array Telescope: Engineering to Reveal Cosmic OriginsSeminar29 October 2019
Petersen, ArthurUncertainty, Nature and God: A Transcendental Naturalistic Approach to Science, Religion and Public PolicySeminar15 October 2019
Lane Ritchie, SarahWith God in Mind? Integrated Physicality, (Un)belief and Spiritual TechnologiesSeminar12 November 2019
Wilkinson, AltheaIn the Beginning: Insights from Modern CosmologyTalk2 July 2019
Bookless, DaveFrom Ecosystem Services to Extinction Rebellion: Why and How We Should Value WildlifeSeminar26 November 2019
Soskice, JanetCreation Ex NihiloTalk1 July 2019
Lucas, ErnestUnderstanding Origins: A Biblical PerspectiveTalk2 July 2019
McLintock, MhariLiving with Dementia - a conversationCourse2 November 2019
Weaver, JohnWhy Care for the Environment?Talk5 July 2019