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Faraday Institute Newsletter No. 92 - September 2013


1 Peter Harrison public lecture
2 Speaking  engagement for Denis Alexander and Rodney Holder
3 Southampton one day course
4 Faraday Annual Reception
5 New book by Jonathan Moo and Bob White
6 Test of Faith in Brazil
7 Staff activities – Rodney Holder
8 Staff activities – Diana Beech
9 Staff activities – Hilary Marlow
10 LASAR News
11 Smartphone App
12 UAB Essay Competition

August has been a relatively quiet month for The Faraday Institute, not least because it is the time of the UK summer holidays. However, planning for the autumn and beyond has continued and some of the upcoming activities are detailed below.

1. A special Public Lecture will be given by Prof. Peter Harrison from the University of Queensland (formerly Professor of Science & Religion at Oxford) on 20th September at 8.00 p.m. in the Yusuf Hamied Lecture Theatre at Christ's College. This is the opening public lecture of the Uses and Abuses of Biology Grants Programme when grantees from all over the world will be coming to present their results. The lecture will be followed by free refreshments. All welcome.

2. On October 26th Drs Denis Alexander and Rodney Holder will be speaking at the Faith & Thought symposium ‘The accidental universe?' at Bloomsbury Baptist Church (for more details see

3. A one-day course entitled ‘Science and Faith: An introduction' will take place Saturday 30th November in Southampton. This is being jointly organised with the local Central South Christians in Science group. Further details of the course can be found at

4. The Faraday Institute will hold its second annual reception for scientists in the Cambridge area who self-identify as Christians. This will be held on:Monday 4th November at 6pm in The Cambridge Guildhall (see: Following on from the success of the inaugural event last year, we hope to attract even more Christians in the local scientific community to this ideal opportunity to meet others and to discuss relevant issues. This year’s speaker will be Professor Andrew Wyllie FRS, previously Head of the Department of Pathology at Cambridge. For more information contact the Faraday Administrator at The reason that this particular reception is only for Christians is simply that we could not cope with the numbers if we opened the reception to those of all faiths. Please note that all our other events are open to those of any faith or none. This is the only Faraday event that is restricted to those of one particular faith.

5. The recently published book 'Hope in an Age of Despair: The Gospel and the Future of Life on Earth' by Jonathan Moo and Faraday director Robert White is available from Faraday online bookshop for £8 (RRP £12.99) [].

6. Also recently published in Brazilian Portuguese are the Test of Faith DVD and book (Spiritual Journeys with Scientists). For details of the DVD and book and how to purchase them see In September Dr Ruth Bancewicz will be travelling to Brazil to speak and promote the DVD and book (see

7. In August, the Revd Dr Rodney Holder spoke on ‘Fine-Tuning as Evidence for the Existence of God’ at the Summer Seminar on ‘Science and the Big Questions’ held at the Abraham Kuyper Centre for Science and Religion, Vrije Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam. The seminar included contributions from distinguished atheist philosophers as well as Christians.

8. At the end of August, Dr Diana Beech spoke on ‘The Europeanization of Science and Research Under Horizon 2020: Changing the Face of European Values’ at the summer conference on ‘Horizontal Europeanization: Field Specific Processes and Social Stratification’ held at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. Dr Beech also acted as discussant for the panel on whether the Europeanization of education policy is inclusive and whether it promotes cohesion between the EU’s Western and Eastern parts.

9. In August Dr Hilary Marlow wrote a short article for Scripture Union on the theme of ‘Creation and Fall’. It was one of ten commissioned articles to be included in a Bible resource pack for churches that Scripture Union is developing. The resource pack, which will include discussion material for small groups, will be made available online in the autumn to accompany the screening by Channel 4 of a 10 part series on the Bible.

10. Berry Billingsley and Keith Taber of the LASAR project team each have a chapter published in a new book by Springer called Science Education for Diversity: Theory and practice, N. Mansour & R. Wegerif (Eds.):
Taber, K. S. (2013). Conceptual frameworks, metaphysical commitments and worldviews: the challenge of reflecting the relationships between science and religion in science education (pp. 151-177).
Billingsley, B. (2013). Students’ Perceptions of Apparent Contradictions Between Science and Religion: Creation Is Only the Beginning. (pp. 329-338).

11. The Faraday Institute’s smartphone app for the Android platform app can be found in the Google Play store at:
The iPhone version of the app can be found in iTunes online at:

12. Finally, the Uses and Abuses of Biology programme 2013 essay competition was launched last month. The competition is for anyone aged 30 or younger, and encourages participants to engage with the use and abuse of biological thought in non-biological fields including philosophy, politics, media, sociology and theology. The title of this year's essay is 'How is contemporary biology used for ideological purposes?' More details of the competition can be found at and the competition closes on 30th November 2013.

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