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Faraday Institute Newsletter No. 3 - March 2006

The folders previously marked 'under construction' at the Faraday Institute web-site ( are now gradually filling up with materials. Those interested in Prof. Daniel Dennett's recent book 'Breaking the Spell' might like to read the lecture given by Prof. Alister McGrath during his recent exchange with Prof. Dennett at the Royal Society of Arts in London (now posted in the 'Current Issues' folder).

A highlight of the past month's Faraday activities was the CiS - Faraday public lecture on science and religion given by Prof. Gerald Gabrielse (professor of physics at Harvard) at Emmanuel College under the title 'God of Antimatter'. Prof. Gabrielse gave some fascinating insights into his own research field of antimatter, as well as speaking of the limits of science and of his own personal faith. The discussion was continued afterwards at a Dinner-Discussion held at St. Edmund's College, and the edited text plus the lecture text, videostream and audio will be going up on the Faraday web-site. The previous lectures in the series have now been re-organised into a more accessible format (see: Lectures.php#archive).

The past month has also seen the completion of the first Faraday Research Seminar series with a capacity audience to hear Prof. Sir Brian Heap FRS, formerly Master of St. Edmund's College and Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, speak on 'Consumption and Well-Being - Christian Values and Sustainability', a topic that challenges our own lifestyles and all too easy acceptance of the status quo driven by a market economy.

The first Faraday Short Course will take place at Westminster College, 7-9 April, and the Course is full. We are aiming at 30 delegates per Course in order to facilitate optimal interactions between lecturers and delegates, and have managed to keep the numbers down to 36 for this Course, not counting Faraday staff. The week-end Course has, remarkably, drawn delegates from India, Iran, Germany and the USA, in addition to the UK. A very strong line-up of speakers has also been arranged for the Faraday Summer Course (July 16-29) which is filling up fast, so you are advised to book early if you wish to attend either (or both) of the two one-week Units. Further details are at: Courses.php. We are particularly pleased to have a number of high profile international lecturers, including Prof. David Lindberg from the USA, a leading writer and lecturer in the history of science and religion, Prof. Ernan McMullin from Notre Dame University, Prof. Mikael Stenmark from Sweden, and many others.

The dates for further Courses to be held this year are already up on the web-site and the details are being finalized. We are pleased that Dr David Cook, who for many years was on the panel of the popular radio programme 'Moral Maze', will be lecturing, along with several others, at the 'Science, Faith and Society' course in September (Sep. 22-24).

Best wishes,

Denis Alexander

[Director, Faraday Institute]