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Faraday Institute Newsletter No. 86 - March 2013

Paragraph Contents
1.  Faraday seminars
2.  Faraday/CiS public lecture
3.  Cambridge Science Week event
4.  Faraday courses
5.  Faraday courses
6.  Faraday courses
7.  Test of Faith news
8.  Staff speaking engagements
9.  Staff speaking engagements
10.  Staff speaking engagements
11.  Staff speaking engagements
12.  Staff speaking engagements
13.  LASAR news
14.  The Isaac Newton Guide Book
15.  New Faraday Paper
16.  Faraday smart phone app
17.  Templeton World Charity Foundation posts

1. In February two well-attended seminars took place. The first on ‘Science and the Investigation of New Testament Documents’ was given by Dr. Dirk Jongkind, fellow of St. Edmund’s College. The second was by Prof. Niels Gregersen from the University of Copenhagen on ‘The Role of Thought Experiments in Science and Theology.’ The final seminar of the Lent Term will be on ‘Is Teleology still a Useful Concept in Biology’ by Dr Harvey McMahon FRS, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, at 13.00 on Tuesday 5th March in the Garden Room at St. Edmund’s College [].

2. This term’s Faraday lecture will take place at 5.30p.m. on Thursday 7th March. Entitled “Machines in the Image of God?” it will be given by Prof. Peter Robinson from the Computer Laboratory, the University of Cambridge. The venue will be the Queen’s Lecture Theatre at Emanuel College. For more details see:

3. The Faraday Institute will host a talk by Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, Senior Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope at NASA, as part of the University of Cambridge's annual Science Festival next month, on 16th March at 2.30pm in central Cambridge. Speaking on the topic of "Other worlds: exoplanets and discovering life beyond Earth", Dr. Wiseman will explain how exoplanets' atmospheres might yield evidence of biological activity, and explore the implications for science and religion of whether life can thrive beyond Earth.  See:].
During her visit, The Faraday Institute is also arranging talks by Dr. Wiseman in local Cambridge schools.

4. The next Faraday course ‘An Introduction to Science and Religion’, aimed primarily at scientists, is taking place 22th-24th March 2013. There is a very high profile list of speakers for this course, including Prof. Keith Ward and Prof. John Hedley Brooke. Details may be found on The Faraday Institute website:

5. Information about The Faraday Institute Summer Course 2013, entitled ‘Science and Religion – Two Paths to Truth?’ has also just been posted on the web. This course is also open for applications and will take place from 7th-13th July 2013. For details go to

6. Plans are well under way for three overseas courses co-sponsored by The Faraday Institute in collaboration with local institutions abroad. In May, Dr Denis Alexander (Emeritus Director) and Revd Dr Rodney Holder (former Course Director) will travel to Central America to speak at courses in Mexico (May 13th-14th) and Guatemala (May 16th-19th). In June, Dr Holder, along with Dr Hilary Marlow (Course Director) will participate in a Science and Religion Conference in St Petersburg, Russia, hosted by the St Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (June 27th-30th).  Further details of all these courses can be found on the website:

7. A Test of Faith church leaders' workshop will take place on Friday 19th April, at Premier Radio. The speaker will be Dr Denis Alexander, and brunch will be provided. Priority will be given to those who have not previously attended a Faraday course. Details to follow on

8. The director Bob White spoke in Thetford on ‘Has Science Disproved Christianity?’ Ruth Bancewicz spoke on ‘Science and Wonders’ at the Oxford University Graduate Christian Union.

9. Rodney Holder spoke on ‘An Ethical and Theological Perspective: The Issues Involved in the Possibility of Life Beyond the Earth’ as part of a course entitled ‘The Search for Life in the Universe’ run by the Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education. He also spoke on ‘Doesn’t Science Rule Out Miracles?’ to a student group at Keele University as part of the University Christian Union’s Mission Week.

10. Denis Alexander spoke at Crabtree Church, Harpenden, on Creation and Evolution, and at Evensong at Queen’s College, Oxford, on the topic ‘Do Scientists Have Beliefs?’.

11. Denis Alexander, Ruth Bancewicz and Rodney Holder were all interviewed for a Canadian TV documentary series entitled ‘No Apologies’, which is exploring the issue of ‘God and Science’ and is to be broadcast in September.

12. This month Dr Diana Beech spoke about the relevance of spiritual values to European research policy during a 'Winter School' on Christian morality in politics hosted by the European Christian Political Youth Network in Soest, the Netherlands.

13. LASAR NEWS Two free events for schools are coming up – in June and September. The June event is almost full but there are still places for the September one. Please visit Faradayschools website for details ( New materials recently added to the Faradayschools website include a feature for older students about Einstein and his thinking about religion.

14. A reminder that The Isaac Newton Guide Book (including DVD) has now been published by The Faraday Institute. You can purchase (pre-order) the book via the Faraday online shop [] and the book will be sent out as soon as it arrives. The RRP is £25 but it will be available via the Faraday shop for the discounted price of £15. Orders need to specify whether you need a PAL (Europe) or NTSC (North America) format DVD. In addition, soon there will be an e-book format version available too. A promotional brochure is available to view and download from

15. The latest Faraday Paper No. 17 “The Libet experiment and its implications for conscious will” by Prof Peter Clarke (University of Lausanne) is now available on web Papers.php.
16. The launch of The Faraday Institute’s new smartphone app in February, available for Android handsets (e.g. Samsung, HTC) and iPhones, has gone well. The app is a good way for the best of the Institute's online content - such as the newsfeed, event calendar, YouTube clips, and staff contact information - to be easily accessible by even more people worldwide. Already, from responses received, we know that the app is making an impact. We continue to encourage people to download the app, and to tell others about it.
The Android platform app can be found in the Google Play store at:
The iPhone app can be found in iTunes online at:

17. The Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has asked us to draw people’s attention to two jobs that are available with TWCF, based at Oxford University. The posts are for high-level coordinators to provide academic analysis of topics suitable for development into funding themes consistent with the aims of Sir John Templeton in the general area of new spiritual information through science. The persons appointed will work with Professor Briggs to formulate funding themes and to develop proposals from researchers around the world for grants from TWCF. For more details see:

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