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Seminar archive

Multimedia resources from past seminars.

Polkinghorne, JohnHow does God interact with the World?Seminar31 January 2006
Heap, BrianConsumption and Well-Being: Christian Values and SustainabilitySeminar14 March 2006
Clayton, PhilipConcepts of Emergence in Science and ReligionSeminar14 February 2006
Russell (deceased), ColinScience and Faith in the Life of Michael FaradaySeminar28 February 2006
Conway Morris FRS, SimonIf the evolution of intelligence is inevitable, what are the theological implications?Seminar30 May 2006
Northcott, MichaelA Moral Climate? Theological Perspectives on Climate ChangeSeminar2 May 2006
Cantor, GeoffreyThe Bible, the Creation and the Inner Light: Tensions within Quaker ScienceSeminar16 May 2006
Lipton (deceased), PeterScience and Religion: Belief or Commitment?Seminar13 June 2006
Trigg, RogerScience and Religion in the Public DomainSeminar17 October 2006
Barker, RogerEthical and Theological Considerations in the use of Stem Cells in Brain RepairSeminar31 October 2006
Rudwick, MartinDemythologising the Historical 'Conflict' between Geology and GenesisSeminar14 November 2006
Sivasundaram, SujitWilliam Carey and the Serampore College: Science and Religion in 19th Century IndiaSeminar28 November 2006
Mitton, SimonA history of cosmologies and their religious contextsSeminar30 January 2007
Drossel, BarbaraComplexity, emergence and GodSeminar27 February 2007
Humphreys FRS, ColinScience and the dating of the Easter week eventsSeminar13 March 2007
Poon, WilsonScience and the hiddenness of GodSeminar13 February 2007
van Wyhe, JohnDarwin's Loss of FaithSeminar24 April 2007
Hoskin, MichaelNewton and GodSeminar8 May 2007
Priest, EricScience, Religion and Creativity: A Personal ViewSeminar5 June 2007
Hulme, MikeThree Meanings of Climate Change: presaging Apocalypse, constructing Babel, lamenting EdenSeminar31 October 2007
Livingstone, DavidEvolutionary Theory and Public Spectacle: The Fortunes of Darwinism in the Calvinist Cultures of Victorian Calvinist Edinburgh and Belfast.Seminar16 October 2007
Harrison, PeterThe Doctrine of the Fall and the Epistemological Foundations of Modern ScienceSeminar13 November 2007
McLeish, TomValues and Science - What is Science For?Seminar27 November 2007
Brooke, John HedleyShould the word 'Nature' be eliminated? A Historical SurveySeminar22 January 2008
Polkinghorne, JohnThe Future of the Science-Religion DebateSeminar5 February 2008
Wood, JohnEthical Aspects of Science PolicySeminar19 February 2008
McGrath, AlisterBiology, the Anthropic Principle and Natural TheologySeminar4 March 2008
Rupke, NicolaasAnimal Behaviour and Human Morality in Historical PerspectiveSeminar10 June 2008
Davis, Edward B. ("Ted")Science and Religion in the Life of Robert BoyleSeminar29 April 2008
Welker, MichaelScience and Religion or Science and TheologySeminar13 May 2008
Gill, RobinThe Ethics of Human EnhancementSeminar14 October 2008
Bussey, PeterDoes quantum mechanics have any relevance for religious belief?Seminar28 October 2008
Wilkinson, DavidEschatology and the Future of the UniverseSeminar11 November 2008
McKenzie, RossThe concept of Emergence in the dialogue between science and theologySeminar20 January 2009
Chapman, AllanHistorical Perspectives on Christianity and Mental IllnessSeminar3 February 2009
Deane-Drummond, CeliaBeyond Separation or Sythesis: Christ and Evolution as TheodramaSeminar17 February 2009
Golshani, MehdiCurrent Issues in the Science-Religion Debate in the Islamic WorldSeminar3 March 2009
Chester, DavidNatural Disasters and Christian TheologySeminar26 May 2009
Soskice, JanetCreation ex Nihilo and What It Means for ScienceSeminar9 June 2009
Secord, JimThe Secret History of Victorian EvolutionSeminar12 May 2009
Auletta, GennaroInformation, Biological Complexity and EmergenceSeminar6 October 2009
Iliffe, RobertNewton, Science and ReligionSeminar20 October 2009
Ewart, PaulThe Necessity of Chance: Randomness, Purpose and the Sovereignty of GodSeminar3 November 2009
McGrath, AlisterCalvin's Contributions to the Emergence of Modern ScienceSeminar17 November 2009
Richmond, PatrickScientific Explanations of Religious Experience and their Implications for BeliefSeminar26 January 2010
Topham, JonathanBiology in the service of Natural TheologySeminar9 February 2010
Jaeger, LydiaThe Religious Roots of the Idea of Scientific LawsSeminar23 February 2010
Boersema, JanSustainable Development - Is Religion Relevant?Seminar9 March 2010
Jones, GarethHuman Enhancement: Threat or Promise?Seminar4 May 2010
Murray, MichaelAnimal Suffering - Theological and Philosophical PerspectivesSeminar18 May 2010
Efron, NoahA Passion for the Universal: Science, Jews and OthersSeminar1 June 2010
Coles, AlasdairNeuronal Imaging of the Religious BrainSeminar12 October 2010
Mawson, TimA Philosopher's Perspective on Anthropic Fine-TuningSeminar26 November 2009
Cowburn FRS, RussellNanotechnology, Ethics and ReligionSeminar9 November 2010
Bartholomew, DavidVictor Stenger's Scientific Critique of Christian BeliefSeminar23 November 2010
Wyllie, AndrewHow and Why Cells Die - Biological and Theological PerspectivesSeminar25 January 2011
Clarke (deceased), PeterBrain Determinism and Free WillSeminar8 February 2011
Williams, DavidAnimal Rights, Human ResponsibilitiesSeminar22 February 2011
Guessoum, NidhalScience and Religion in Islam Today - A Critical SurveySeminar3 May 2011
Bosco Lourdusamy, JohnScience and Religion in Colonial India - A Historical PerspectiveSeminar31 May 2011
Bell, RichardMind and Matter: The World as 'Representation' in Quantum TheorySeminar18 October 2011
Srokosz, MericOceans, Climate Change and Christianity: The Earth's Story and God's StorySeminar1 November 2011
Polkinghorne, JohnA Destiny Beyond Death?Seminar29 November 2011
Lahti, DavidThe Evolution of MoralityLecture15 November 2011
Gosling, DavidScience and the Indian Tradition: When Einstein met TagoreSeminar24 January 2012
Fairchild, PaulPluripotent Stem Cells: Medical Dream or Ethical Nightmare?Seminar21 February 2012
Howard Ecklund, ElaineThe Religious Beliefs of Scientists - a Sociological AnalysisSeminar6 March 2012
Newsome, BillFree Choice and the Brain: Interpreting volition in a post-Libet EraSeminar15 May 2012
Ward, MichaelScience and Religion in the Writings of C. S. LewisSeminar29 May 2012
Landgren, PerNatural History: from Aristotle to Linnaeus - Influences on the Early Modern Relation between the Bible and ScienceSeminar12 June 2012
Boyle, ElizabethIntersections between Religion and Science in Early Medieval IrelandSeminar9 October 2012
Bauckham, RichardEcological Hope in Crisis?Seminar23 October 2012
Coakley, SarahEvolution, Cooperation and GodSeminar6 November 2012
Meurig Thomas, JohnThe Genius of Michael FaradaySeminar20 November 2012
Hewish, AntonyMy Life in Science and Religion - A Personal StorySeminar22 January 2013
Jongkind, DirkScience and the Investigation of New Testament DocumentsSeminar5 February 2013
Gregersen, NielsThe Role of Thought Experiments in Science and TheologySeminar19 February 2013
Ellis, George F. R.Emergence, Top Down Causation and ReductionismSeminar30 April 2013
Jones, JamesDoes Cognitive Psychology Subvert Religious Belief?Seminar14 May 2013
O'Connor, TimThe Emergence of Human Persons: Between the Scylla of Dualism and the Charybdis of ReductionismSeminar28 May 2013
Radick, GregoryJesus, Darwin and Ashley MontaguSeminar11 June 2013
Southgate, ChristopherNew Approaches to the Origin of Life - Scientific and TheologicalSeminar15 October 2013
Weiss, DanielThe concept of the person in JudaismSeminar29 October 2013
Waters, BrentFlesh made data: the post human project in the light of incarnationSeminar12 November 2013
Aleman, AndreHearing Voices, Brain and GodSeminar26 November 2013
Kimber, SusanStem Cells and HealingSeminar21 January 2014
Hain, RichardInfanticide on demand: why should the baby live? Medical ethics for childrenSeminar18 February 2014
Dein, SimonReligion, spirituality and mental health: current controversies and future directionsSeminar4 March 2014
Louis, ArdContingency, Convergence and Hyper-astronomical Numbers in Biological Evolution.Seminar29 April 2014
McLeish, TomFaith and Wisdom in ScienceSeminar15 May 2014
Heap, BrianCan Genetics Feed Africa?Seminar26 May 2014
Northcott, MichaelEschatology in the Anthropocene: From the Chronos of Deep Time to the Kairos of the Age of HumansSeminar14 October 2014
Tallis, RaymondAre we (just) animals?Seminar28 October 2014
Lauffenburger, DouglasCancer and Cures, Medicine and MiraclesSeminar25 November 2014
Harris, Mark"The trees of the field shall clap their hands"(Isaiah 55:12): What does it mean to say that creation praises the Creator"Seminar20 January 2015
Steane, AndrewFaithful to Science:the role of science in religionSeminar3 February 2015
Randall, IanCharles Raven (1885-1964): Professor of Divinity and Promoter of ScienceSeminar17 February 2015
Mellor, FelicityAppropriating Religion for Science in Brian Cox's "Wonders"Seminar3 March 2015
van Woudenberg, ReneWhat are the similarities between scientific and theological explanations?Seminar28 April 2015
Messer, NeilThe Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement: A Theological PerspectiveSeminar26 May 2015
Pollmann, KarlaHow did Augustine's thought shape a Scientific Worldview?Lecture6 October 2015
Holder, RodneyScience and Natural TheologySeminar20 October 2015
Pinsent, AndrewScience and Special Divine ActionSeminar3 November 2015
Fox, KeithRandomness and God in the Biochemical ContextSeminar17 November 2015
Dekker, CeesMy meandering path within the lands of science and faithSeminar9 February 2016
Grady, MonicaComets and Asteroids, Moon and Mars, Science and Faith - and Life and DeathSeminar23 February 2016
Howard, DamianThe Reception of Evolutionary Ideas in the Muslim WorldSeminar8 March 2016
Henson, ShaunGod and the Order of Nature: Unity and PluralitySeminar3 May 2016
Kindschi, DougIs there a place at the science-religion table for mathematics?Seminar19 April 2016
Glass, DavidScience, God and Ockham's Razor: Can Science Explain God Away?Seminar17 May 2016
Hughes, JulianLiving Forever: A Worry for Religious BeliefSeminar11 October 2016
Chang, HasokHow Science Learns about Unobservable EntitiesSeminar25 October 2016
Evans, JohnScientific and Religious Definitions of a Human: Their Impact on Human RightsSeminar8 November 2016
Pluess, MichaelIs Happiness in our Genes?Seminar22 November 2016
Naguib, ShuruqScientific Exegesis of the Qur'an: Bint al-Shati's Critique of Mustafa MahmudSeminar24 January 2017
Copan, PaulThe scientific naturalists are declaring the glory of God: Theistic support from unlikely places.Seminar21 February 2017
MacFarland, IanCan God Play Dice? Chance and the Question of Metaphysical Continuity between Creator and Creation.Seminar7 March 2017
Middleton, J. RichardHuman Distinctiveness and the Origin of Evil in a Biblical and Evolutionary PerspectiveSeminar2 May 2017
Wiseman, JenniferGalaxies, Starts, Planets and Life: Investigating a Fruitful UniverseSeminar16 May 2017
Moo, JonathanTranscending Nature? Christianity and EcomodernismSeminar30 May 2017
Watts, DavidMathematics and the Beauty of GodSeminar24 October 2017
Zeki FRS, SemirThe Neurobiology of Beauty and its ImplicationsSeminar20 October 2017
Done, ChristineGravity, Black Holes and Ultimate RealitySeminar7 November 2017
Davie, GraceScience and Religion: The context for debateSeminar23 January 2018
Robbins, JoelConceptions of Sin and the Nature of Social Life: Anthropology and the Theology of AtonementSeminar6 February 2018
Hickman, LouiseResisting Blind Chance and a 'Senseless' Cosmos: Historical Perspectives on Science, Ethics and NatureSeminar20 February 2018
Abbott, RogerThe Colour of Disaster: New Orleans and Hurricane KatrinaSeminar6 March 2018
Coles, AlasdairFaith and Neuroscience: Friend of Foe?Seminar29 May 2018
Burdett, MichaelThe Search for Meaning Amidst Cosmic Annihilation, Transhumanism and the Last JudgementSeminar1 May 2018
Marlow, Hilary / Tee, CarolineScience and Miracles: Perspectives from Christianity and IslamSeminar15 May 2018
Cowburn FRS, RussellPerfection and Randomness: Lessons from NanotechnologySeminar9 October 2018
Klaui, MathiasFaith and Science for a Sustainable WorldSeminar6 November 2018
Alexander, DenisGenetics, God and the Future of HumanitySeminar23 November 2018