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Professional Workshop: Science and Faith in the Local Church - CAMBRIDGE

St Edmund's College, Cambridge: Jan 9-10, 2019

Deadline for applications: December 21, 2018

Aim of Course

This two-day workshop is for lay and ordained church leaders and for those in training from all denominations to enrich their understanding of the science-faith dialogue. In recent years as the UK has become more secularised Science is no longer perceived as a religious activity. Further, for many the Church is looked at as a community who no longer value the role of science.

This course is for both those who have a background in science and for those who have none. It is specifically designed to:

  • Better equip Christian leaders in their teaching on matters of Science and Faith by providing a deeper understanding of the diverse themes within this subject
  • Build confidence in Christian leaders to address Science and faith themes in teaching/ preaching/ group study and in pastoral care

The course will comprise three themes:

  • Contemporary hot topics in the dialogue between Science and Religion to include subjects such as cosmology, bioethics, climate change and natural disasters
  • Science and faith in the local Church
  • Pastoral approaches to Science-Faith issues

The workshop will run from 10.00am on Wednesday 9 Jan 2019 to 5.30pm on Thursday 10 Jan 2019. There will be no formal evening sessions.

  • The cost of this two-day workshop is £50 to include tea & coffee breaks, a sandwich lunch on both days and all workshop materials.
  • Places are limited to 60.
  • Delegates will be responsible for their own overnight accommodation and evening meals.

Bookings now open.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

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The course will be held in the Garden Room of St Edmund's College.

Application Form

The cost of this two-day workshop is £50 to include tea & coffee breaks, a sandwich lunch on both days and all workshop materials.

Course Schedule

Wednesday January 9
9.30 amRegistration
9.50 amWelcome and Introductions
10.00 amRt Revd Dr David Thomson (Bishop of Huntingdon): Building Better Bridges – Science and faith working together historically, nationally and locally
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amRevd Dr Rodney Holder: Cosmology/ Fine tuning
12.30 pmLunch
1.30 pmProf. Keith Fox: Bioethics
2.30 pmRevd Dr Roger Abbott: Natural disasters
3.30 pmTea Break
4.00 pmProf. Hugh Rollinson: Climate Change- Why should we care?
5.00 pmEnd of Day
Thursday January 10
8.30 amMorning Prayer at St Edmund's Chapel
9.00 am Lizzie Henderson,  Steph Bryant, Revd Dr Dave Gregory: Raising the next generation of scientists
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amGroup Discussion
12.15 pmLunch
1.15 pmDr Amy Unsworth: Attitudes to Evolution amongst Christians in Britain
2.15 pmDr Denis Alexander: Responding to Creationism in UK Churches
3.15 pmTea Break
3.30 pmRevd Prof. Alasdair Coles: Pastoral issues arising from neurological and psychiatric illness
4.30 pmProf. John Wyatt: Matters of life and death
5.30 pmEnd of Day