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Professional Workshop: Science and Faith in the Local Church - CAMBRIDGE

St Edmund's College, Cambridge: Jan 9-10, 2019

Deadline for applications: December 21, 2018

Aim of Course

This two-day workshop is for lay and ordained church leaders and for those in training from all denominations to enrich their understanding of the science-faith dialogue. In recent years as the UK has become more secularised Science is no longer perceived as a religious activity. Further, for many the Church is looked at as a community who no longer value the role of science.

This course is for both those who have a background in science and for those who have none. It is specifically designed to:

  • Better equip Christian leaders in their teaching on matters of Science and Faith by providing a deeper understanding of the diverse themes within this subject
  • Build confidence in Christian leaders to address Science and faith themes in teaching/ preaching/ group study and in pastoral care

The course will comprise three themes:

  • Contemporary hot topics in the dialogue between Science and Religion to include subjects such as cosmology, bioethics, climate change and natural disasters
  • Science and faith in the local Church
  • Pastoral approaches to Science-Faith issues

The workshop will run from 10.00am on Wednesday 9 Jan 2019 to 5.30pm on Thursday 10 Jan 2019. There will be no formal evening sessions.

  • The cost of this two-day workshop is £50 to include tea & coffee breaks, a sandwich lunch on both days and all workshop materials.
  • Places are limited to 60.
  • Delegates will be responsible for their own overnight accommodation and evening meals.

Bookings now open.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

See multimedia items for this course or click on specific talk title in the course schedule to see available resources for that talk.

Click on a speaker's name to obtain brief biographical details.


The course will be held in the Garden Room of St Edmund's College.

Application Form

The cost of this two-day workshop is £50 to include tea & coffee breaks, a sandwich lunch on both days and all workshop materials.

Course Schedule

Wednesday January 9
9.30 amRegistration
9.50 amWelcome and Introductions
10.00 amRt Revd Dr David Thomson (Bishop of Huntingdon): Building Better Bridges – Science and faith working together historically, nationally and locally
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amRevd Dr Rodney Holder: Cosmology/ Fine tuning
12.30 pmLunch
1.30 pmProf. Keith Fox: Bioethics
2.30 pmRevd Dr Roger Abbott: Natural disasters
3.30 pmTea Break
4.00 pmProf. Hugh Rollinson: Climate Change- Why should we care?
5.00 pmEnd of Day
Thursday January 10
8.30 amMorning Prayer at St Edmund's Chapel
9.00 am Lizzie Henderson,  Steph Bryant, Revd Dr Dave Gregory: Raising the next generation of scientists
11.00 amCoffee Break
11.30 amGroup Discussion
12.15 pmLunch
1.15 pmDr Amy Unsworth: Attitudes to Evolution amongst Christians in Britain
2.15 pmDr Denis Alexander: Responding to Creationism in UK Churches
3.15 pmTea Break
3.30 pmRevd Prof. Alasdair Coles: Pastoral issues arising from neurological and psychiatric illness
4.30 pmProf. John Wyatt: Matters of life and death
5.30 pmEnd of Day