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Disasters, Faith, and Resilience

April 13-15, 2018

This course explores the causes and effects of disasters on those caught up in them, and the role that religious faith has on those affected. We cover disasters with undoubted human causes, including the Lockerbie air crash murders and epidemics, and so-called ‘natural disasters’, such as the New Orleans hurricane and the Haiti earthquake which killed 230,000 people. It transpires that ‘natural’ disasters often owe their major impact to human factors. An international panel of expert speakers will address theological aspects thrown up by our experience of disasters and suffering; scientific causes and possible responses to disasters; and the practical ways in which we might respond as individuals and as communities to disasters both at home and abroad. The weekend will be enriched by personal testimonies from those who have been through deep disasters in Haiti, New Orleans, Lockerbie and Africa.

Location: Westminster College, Cambridge:

Speakers include:
Prof Bob White [Faraday Institute & Cambridge University]
Dr Jonathan Moo [Whitworth Univ, USA]
Revd Dr Roger Abbott [Faraday Institute]
Dr. Linda Mobula [USAID]:
Dr Amy Donovan [Cambridge:]
Rev Christopher Ash [Tyndale House, Cambridge]
Pastor Luc Honorat [Haiti]
Rev Ken Taylor [New Orleans]
John Mosey [UK]

Registration details to follow shortly.