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Faraday Institute Hong Kong and Singapore Courses

May 3-8, 2018

Faraday Institute Hong Kong and Singapore Courses

We are delighted that in May the following be two courses will take place in East Asia: Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Hong Kong 3-6 May

There will be two public lectures to kick off the the Science and Faith theme:

3 May 19:00 Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS 'Why Matter Matters to God - Lessons from Nanotechnology’.

4 May 19:00 Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS  ‘Evolution - Random or Determined?’

The residential part of the course is 5 & 6 May 

Dialogues in Science and Faith: from fossils to forensics

This conference provides an opportunity to take a pause from the bustle of Hong Kong life, and reflect on how science and religion relate. The conference will bring together practicing scientists, engineers, and theologians from across South East Asia who have an interest in the dialogue between science and religion.Those who have little prior experience of such dialogue, as we welcome those who have been engaged with it for decades are equally welcome

Dr Clinton Ohlers (HKU, History)
“The History and Future of Science and Faith”
Response – Dr Denis Alexander (Cambridge, Biology)

Dr Mike Brownnutt (HKU, Physics)
“When the Truth Sets You Free”
Response – Prof Russell Cowburn (Cambridge, Physics)

Prof Russell Cowburn (Cambridge, Physics)
Integrating Science and Faith in the World of Physics

Dr Denis Alexander (Cambridge, Biology)
“Tales from the Faraday Institute: reflections on life in science and religion”

Prof Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge, Earth Sciences)
"Mass extinctions, extraterrestrials and other evolutionary myths"

Prof Stephen Tsui (CUHK, Biomedical Sciences)
“Reflections on Science and Faith: connecting origins of life and the universe”

The full conference schedule is here. Please note registration is required for this course. 

Singapore Workshop

The Singapore Workshop entitled ‘A Critical Assessment of Determinism in Physics and Biology' is being hosted by the National University of Singapore. And will take place on 7 May. More information will follow shortly.