Faraday Science Communications Workshop

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Communicating Big Questions in Science and Faith

This day long workshop is aimed at all who would like to become more effective scientific communicators, with a specific focus on exploring and communicating the interactions of science and religious faith in exciting and engaging ways with young people and the general public.

The day will equip participants with the confidence and skills to give interviews and thoughtfully handle many of the big questions regarding science and faith.

The day will include discussion of lessons learned from working in outreach and dissemination, and how to approach theological and ethical issues as a scientist and person of faith. Additionally, the day will inspire thoughtful consideration of the big questions that people of all ages and backgrounds have about the interactions of science and faith.

Training will be facilitated and provided by a team of skilled science-faith communicators with extensive experience of working within schools and churches, and a variety of other settings. The day will have a very practical emphasis, and as all successful applicants will be asked to present a ten-minute talk, workshop participants will have the opportunity to try out their communication skills within an affirmative environment, receiving positive and constructive feedback from members of the Faraday team.

All course applicants are asked to submit the title for the ten-minute talk they intend to give. The general aim of this talk should be for the participant to share their science-faith story. This could perhaps be by outlining their area of research or an area of scientific interest close to their heart and how it impacts and is impacted by their personal faith. Presentations should be engaging and interactive and may be pitched to a church group, primary or secondary school, or general secular audience.

Bursaries will be available to CiS student members (membership free!) to defray the cost of UK travel and accommodation (if required).



This day course is part of the week-long summer course 'Big Questions in Science and Faith' and for delegates to the week long course attendance is already included in the fee)

For those attending just the Wednesday event

One night full residency                £150

Non-res                                            £ 50

Booking deposit: £20
To download an application form click here.
Communicating Big Questions in Science and Faith
Provisional Programme
10.00-10.10     Introduction - Lizzie Henderson
10.10-11.00     Why does any of this matter anyway? Engaging people with science-
                        faith conversations - Lizzie Henderson, Steph Bryant, Ruth Bancewicz
11.00-11.30     Coffee break
11.30-12.00     With great Powerpoint comes great reponsibility - Matt Pritchard
12.00-12.30     Panel Chat: Adventures in schools, church, radio and beyond - Lizzie
                        Henderson, Steph Bryant, Ruth Bancewicz, Matt Pritchard 
12.30-1.30       Lunch
1.30-2.40         Group 1 Presentations 
2.40-3.00         Group 2 Q+A Panel  
3.00-3.30         Tea break
3.30-4.40         Group 2 Presentations
4.40-5.00         Group 1 Q+A Panel
5.00-5.30         Small group feedback groups (and tea).
5.30-6.15         Getting Practical: Using science demonstrations to good effect – Matt Pritchard
6.15-6.45         Big Questions Big Answers – Lizzie Henderson and Steph Bryant
7.00-8.00         Dinner
8.00-9.00         Science-Faith Magic Show - Matt Pritchard
Overnight in Cambridge
8.00-9.00         Breakfast