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Equipping Churches

Everyone is affected by questions about science and faith, no matter who they are or where they come from. For example, we have all decided whether to act on or ignore the data on climate change. Ethical questions are prompted by news stories, new technologies, or visits to the doctor's surgery. We can enjoy the wonders of creation in nature documentaries or amazing scientific stories on social media. Friends and family might ask questions about scientific 'proof for God'. Most congregations will include some scientists or science graduates, and every young person has to study science at school - including evolutionary biology and the Big Bang. Engagement with science is not an optional extra for people today - it is happening whether we like it or not!

We are very aware that church leaders, whether lay or ordained, constantly juggle multiple tasks. You are often interrupted by competing demands for time and resources and science isn't a top priority for most churches. However the whole congregation should have the opportunity to think about this subject from time to time. So how can you and your congregation be equipped to interact with science in a helpful way, without having to invent entire new programmes and find specialist volunteers?

The Faraday Institute has responded to the challenge of equipping the UK Church in this area by appointing Dr Ruth Bancewicz as its Church Engagement Director. Her aim is to serve churches as they navigate this complex and sometimes demanding area. Drawing on Faraday research and resources and our wider network of speakers, she can equip you with relevant and readily accessible ways to engage with science among your regular activities.

For more details please contact:

Dr Ruth Bancewicz
01223 760 741